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Difference between F2FS file system on Galaxy Note 10 and EXT4


Note 10 duo does not use the EXT4 file system anymore but has moved to F2FS. EXT4 format has been used on the Android platform since Android appeared so far, but Note 10 has switched to F2FS with UFS 3.0 storage memory, so what is file system? Why does Samsung use F2FS?

What is a file system?

In computing, a file system controls how data is stored and accessed. Without the file system, information stored in storage media will be a large data block with no way of knowing where one piece of information stops and the next begins. By splitting data into pieces and naming each piece, information is easily separated and identified. The logical structure and rules used to manage information groups and their names are called “file systems”.

EXT4 and F2FS file system history

Android at the start used the EXT4 record gadget, despite the fact that traditionally there had been smartphones like OnePlus 3T that tested F2FS however within the subsequent technology they back to EXT4.

F2FS was developed and delivered in 2012 through Samsung, to start with they developed F2FS as a log-established report system that became able to calculate storage device traits based totally on NAND flash memory. on the contrary, the solid version of EXT4 become added in view that 2008 as a successor from EXT3

Difference: speed and stability

EXT4 changed into born in advance and failed to acquire too many updates to the basic structure. And F2FS, then again, can get hold of massive updates with big changes. consequently, with an open platform like Android, with a selection of hardware configurations and huge fragmentation makes F2FS a more tough desire. EXT4 is therefore considered to be more solid.

but, F2FS has the gain of being notably faster due to the fact it is a file device evolved normally for NAND flash memory from the beginning and it could be famous for OEMs with high-quit product strains. And with sufficient time for F2FS to grow to be extra stable, particularly when it turned into paired with u.s.three.zero, additionally evolved through Samsung, now is probably the time for adulthood for Samsung to regularly flow to F2FS.

using this report system is the difference between u.s.three.zero memory devices. As shown in pix from Twitter Ice universe, Galaxy word 10 surpasses the OnePlus 7 seasoned and Galaxy Fold in flip, reading sequentially.

Compare the following table

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