Accidentally deleted System32 on Windows

What happens when you accidentally delete System32 on Windows 10?

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Once System32 is gone, your Windows operating system will start to literally crash. Some signs that after deleting System32 may include that you cannot open the Start Menu or Task Manager, or even something as simple as shutting down a Windows computer cannot be done normally.

What is System32

Understand simply, System32 is a necessary system directory of Windows, and it contains important operating system files that Windows needs to be able to operate normally.

However, you will not be able to easily delete System32. Because when you right-click on System32 and select Delete, Windows will display a “Folder Access Denied” message denying access to prevent you from deleting this folder. Therefore, you will not be able to “accidentally” that delete it.

Although you cannot delete System32 easily, do not try it.

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