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Using Raspberry Pi as Android TV


How to turn Raspberry Pi into Android clever tv, installation 1 set of Android smart television for the motive of supplying you with an extra means for entertainment and gaming

Things needed

  • Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi 2 version B, is likewise the minimum requirement for this
  • Keyboard + Mouse mixture (or keyboard with trackpad, with mouse, private keyboard)
  • Micro SD Card: requires at the least 16GB (OS occupies four – 5GB) class 10 widespread is the lowest (also the minimal requirement of Raspberry Pi)
  • 5.0V adapter and at least 2A (may be up to 2.5A relying at the Raspberry Pi, the 2.5A range is of Pi 3 B +)
  • VGA, HDMI or tv monitor
  • USB Micro SD Card Adapter (for each person who uses a laptop)
  • USB Bluetooth Dongle (can BT 3.0 or 4.0)


  • SD Card requirements have stable performance and read speed> = 40MB / s
  • Does not support Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, 1A, 1A +, 1B, 1B +, 3A +, supports Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, 3B +, CM3 (Pi 4 is still developing)


  • Download ROM Android 7.1.1 (only for Pi 2B, 3B, 3B + will update later), Finished you unzip
  • Format SD Card (no software needed)

Go to CMD in Search Box (with the word Type here to search with the drive next to the Start button), click Run as Administrator, enter the following command:
list disk
select disk NUMBER (Eg: select disk 2, with a capacity of 14GB)
tạo phân vùng chính
format fs = fat32 quick (or maybe NTFS depending on the file format for each SD card)

  • Close CMD again
  • Flash Android
  • Launch balenaEtcher and will be Interface as shown
  • Select image: select the .img file with the same name as the zip name, at the extracted location
  • Select target: choose the right SD Card to flash (here it is the second drive so auto select)
  • Then press Flash!
  • And then it will look like the picture

Now you can remove the SD

Start and install the software

The boot process may take 5 – 7 minutes depending on SD Card speed

Do not install the Play Store, so install the Browser on it, use it to install games via APK or even Android Market

You go to ApkPure on this link to install Via Browser (the lightest browser)

Copy the APK file to your brother’s USB and plug in the Raspberry Pi

On Android go to Settings> Storage> click on your USB

To install left click on the file

Now there’s an Android TV experience with pi

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