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The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with Always On Display, ceramic and titanium


Apple officially introduced the 6th generation smartwatch and named Series 5. Series 5 looks completely similar to its predecessor Series 4. All upgrades come from inside and crafting materials. The Apple Watch Series 5 finally has an Always on Display feature so that users can see the time all the time more easily, without having to shake their wrists. Apple says Series 5 will still have about 18 hours of use as before, despite the addition of the Always on Display feature

The biggest upgrade is that the Series 5 is equipped with a new LTPO-type AMOLED screen, capable of reducing the scan frequency from 60Hz to 1Hz (1 time per second), combined with the metering sensor to save time. Save as much power as possible. As a result, the Series 5 will be able to always display the screen, users do not need to lift or click the product to know the time or some basic information.

Integrated compass The magnetic compass will allow Apple Watch to display the user’s direction on the watch face in real time without having to rely on GPS chips like electronic compass devices (depending on the GPS chip will be very battery drain)

International emergency calling (for Apple Watch cellular): make an emergency call anywhere in the world even without an iPhone

The Apple Watch Series 5 is also available in two versions of mouth or titanium along with stainless steel and ceramic. Apple says this is the largest amount of material ever compared to the Apple Watch

Apple also introduced new versions of the Apple Watch Hermes for the Series 5

Pricing for the Series 5 starts at $ 399 for the GPS version and $ 499 for the mobile version. Apple began selling the Apple Watch Series 5 on September 20, and it also permanently reduced the Series 3 to $ 199.

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