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Apple Watch Ultra officially launched, 60 hours battery, 49mm size, diving support


For the first time, Apple introduced up to three variants for the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Ultra is this year’s most special character.
This is the largest version, using the highest quality materials and having the most hardware changes.

Apple Watch Ultra, a premium smartphone dedicated to athletes, adventurers and fitness professionals with a completely new design, flat screen and new Action button

The design of the Apple Watch Ultra is completely different from the traditional generations.
It looks more aggressive, stronger and has more masculine lines.
This new design not only feels strong and masculine, but it will actually make the watch more durable if it encounters an impact.

Apple Watch Ultra owns a completely different design from the other two versions thanks to the flat beveled watch face. The new look gives the Watch Ultra a more aggressive, more powerful look

In addition to the adjustment ring like the old generations, Apple Watch Ultra has a new button, called Action Button, which is orange.
The buttons and knobs are designed so that they can be operated even with gloves on

Apple Watch Ultra also owns the largest size in Apple’s watch line-up, up to 49mm.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s battery can last up to 36 hours on a single charge, and if the power optimization mode is turned on, it can last up to 60 hours, an extremely impressive number for the Apple Watch.

Not only does it offer an overhauled design, it also makes the watch more resistant to impact thanks to its titanium bezel; The watch face is made of solid sapphire material

The product is designed for strong athletes and adventurers, so it has better weather resistance.
Especially the new GPS chip supports in areas with poor GPS capture

In addition to the new Dark Mode, the Wayfinder watch face to show more new information.
New dual-frequency GPS with more advanced location algorithms will help Apple Watch Ultra better locate even in locations with difficult reception.

In battery saving mode, the watch can still use GPS and measure heart rate, used for long-distance running exercises.

In addition to the usual 2 physical buttons, the Apple Watch Ultra has an Action button to quickly switch training modes of the triathlon.

The Apple Watch Ultra costs $799 and only comes in a full GPS and eSim version. Users can order from September 23

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