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Connect your existing Apple Watch to your new iPhone on iOS 16


The Apple Watch automatically backs up to a connected iPhone, but there’s no option in the Settings app to back up manually or to check when a backup was made.
Also, please note that Apple Watch will not back up the following:

List of connected Bluetooth devices
Credit/Debit Card information used for Apple Pay
Apple Watch Passcode

To connect an existing Apple Watch to a newly purchased iPhone:

iOS 16 has a new feature that automatically transfers data to an existing Apple Watch. You can follow the instructions on the screen.

Connect your existing Apple Watch to your new iPhone on iOS 16 8
Set up your new iPhone so it recovers data from your old iPhone with Quick Transfer
Enter Passcode on Apple Watch so it’s ready to connect to your new iPhone
Select OK when prompted
After successful connection, Apple Watch will automatically transfer data, including the most recent data

If you’re upgrading your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously, follow these steps:

Use the most recent backup to restore data to a new Apple Watch
Full setup for the new iPhone
Open the Watch app on your iPhone to start connecting to your Apple Watch
If you can’t connect to Apple Watch, you can try to remove the device (with an error) and connect it manually using the menu All Watches > Add Watch
Restart Apple Watch, enter the Passcode, and follow the on-screen connection instructions
When asked, choose the option to restore Apple Watch from the latest backup

How to force Apple Watch to create an update backup
You can also force your Apple Watch to create the latest backup if you don’t see any. However, it’s important to note that some other devices in the Apple ecosystem may not be remembered (due to security concerns). We take the following steps:

Open the Watch app on the old iPhone (connecting to the old Apple Watch)
Select All Watches > select the corresponding Apple Watch > press the ‘i’ key
Select Unpair Apple Watch
Apple Watch will make a latest backup before disconnecting from iPhone
Continue to complete the disconnection process
Make a backup of your old iPhone and restore it to your new iPhone
Open the Watch app on the new iPhone then connect to the new Apple Watch
Restart the new Apple Watch to see the connection interface and follow the instructions
When asked, choose to restore data to a new Apple Watch from the latest backup.

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