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Install Checkra1n on a PC without a Hackintosh


Currently to apply Checkra1n requires a MAC or Hackintosh established at the laptop. but, there’s now a way to create a USB MAC emulator so that you can install Checkra1n on a easy laptop, here is the way to deploy Checkra1n on a laptop with out a Mac or Hackintosh.

Things needed for installation

Create MacOS emulator installer on USB

You want to create an emulator installer to run MacOS files. This way, it’s miles viable to install Checkra1n on a laptop while not having to fear approximately bulky operations like MAC emulation.

  • Open Transmac, right-click USB 1 (USB at least 8GB)> select Restore with Disk Image.
  • This will take a long time to wait, when completed, you can open the files in the usb with Transmac software
  • Copy the downloaded files in Frameworks and Dlyibs to the following links:












Copy the installation file of Checkra1n to USB 2

  • Please copy the downloaded file Cheakra1n above to USB 2
This USB must be formatted as FAT32. After this step, name this USB 2 for easy typing
If you do not have USB 2, after creating the usb macos, go to This PC, you will see a drive named BOOTLOADER, copy the checkra1n file into it and run usb as usual. Rename usb 2 in the guide to BOOTLOADER and you will receive it

Boot USB emulator and jailbreak with Checkra1n

Please Boot USB 1 emulator installation on the PC (everything is completely automatic). Then attach USB 2 to PC, open Terminal and type:

ls /Volumes/
  • The first letter is L without capitalization. This command is used to display the connected peripherals on your PC to find USB 2

Next type

hdiutil attach /Volumes/The name of the USB storage device checkra1n/checkra1n\ beta\ 0.9.7.dmg 

Type the command


Launch the jailbreak Checkra1n tools

Now, it will ask you to connect to a DFU device, put your jailbroken device into DFU mode and plug in the PC connection cable.

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