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Guide to accessing and managing chat history with virtual assistant Google Assistant


Similar to Amazon, Google also stores a lot of information about your activities on devices and services they manage. This article will show you how to access the chat history with the virtual assistant Google Assistant , see which conversations she recorded and delete them if necessary. 

On the smartphone operating system Android

For Android smartphones, you go to the Settings, glide down and select Google. On the next page you choose Google Account.


Next, find the item Make Google yours, click Manage your data & personalization. In the Activity controls section, you choose Voice & Audio Activity. Here, you will be redirected to the myactivity.google.com website containing the entire chat history with the virtual assistant Google Assistant. You can listen to all the recordings stored by Google along with the date and time, order, very detailed and informative. 

In addition to deleting each recording, you can also delete all or follow any timeline by clicking on the three dots icon on the right corner, click Delete activity by and select the timeline to delete. On the website


First, you have quick access to your Google account management interface at the link myaccount.google.com. From the welcome page, you will see the item Make Google yours, we click on ‘Manage your data & personalization’ to continue. On the next page, you scroll down a bit to find the Activity controls section, then click on the Voice & Audio Activity line. You select Manage Activity on the next page. In the end, you will reach the history management chat page with the virtual assistant Google Assistant. The same operation as on Android smartphones. To delete the saved recording from the timeline, select Delete Activity By … … and enter the desired time to complete.







I wish you to check your interactive history with the Google Assistant happily, in case Google saves the wrong recordings.

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