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Automatic shutdown timer, restart windows with 1 click


You need to depart the pc now for a couple of hours, however you would like the pc to stop working only if all running processes area unit complete? for instance, once downloading a crucial file from the web, the device might solely be stop working when it’s been completed.

Share a tool to assist you schedule the conclusion, restart, logout or mechanically lock computer, laptop computer on Windows ten with one click.


  • Launch the application, and set
  • What to do? You can choose one of the following automatic features:
  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • hibernate
  • Sleep
  • Logout
  • Lock
  • When to do it: Set the time for the application to execute the selected action.
  • Click Run in the background so the tool can perform the function.
After completing the above settings, click Start to begin
When the time is set, all windows are closed immediately. So you need to make sure the right time to shutdown before setting up. The application works without Internet.
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