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Adjust Windows 10 interface size


There are many screens with different sizes, resolutions, and parameters. If you are feeling the image, writing, … on the screen is just too small or too big, you’ll ask the way to adjust the display scale on Windows 10. Normally, Windows 10 will automatically recognize the parameters of the screen. you’re using and choose the magnification of the content currently displayed on the screen. However, the “intelligence” of Windows is restricted, if you sit a touch far or close, you’ll got to adjust a touch to possess a far better experience.

  • Open Settings and select System
  • Select the Display tab and then select the percentage in the Scale and layout lines
Note that the larger the percentage, the greater the content displayed

If you are using two monitors, you can click to select the screen number 1 or 2. Windows will only adjust the screen you select and leave the remaining aspect ratio unchanged.

If you’re still not happy with the zoom ratio suggested by Windows, you can manually adjust the settings by selecting Advanced scaling settings. Then enter the percent manually in the box below and select Apply

Note is only applied to the main screen
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