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Super simple tips to help iPhone recharge quickly


How to Help iPhone Fully Charge Fast

Turn on airplane mode or turn off your phone
During the charging process of the mobile phone, the device does not completely stop working, but continues to work for us. So simultaneous charging is split into 2 sources, 1 for storing the battery and 1 for keeping the phone active. However, this is also why it takes so long for a phone to fully charge.

activate airplane mode

Using Airplane Mode blocks phone waves, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data networks, and more, helping your iPhone to focus solely on charging the battery, helping the charging process to a fuller charge faster. .

power off phone

To shut down your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app on the home screen >> select the “General” item >> “Shut Down” >> drag the slider to the right to completely shut down the device and start charging.
You can also turn off your phone by holding down the power key and one of the two volume up and down buttons located in the lower right corner of your iPhone.

Plugs directly into charger from mains

It might seem natural to plug into a charger from a direct power source, but in some cases you’ll take it lightly and plug it in from some indirect power sources like laptops and PCs. You may not know it, but this is very bad, because the current is transmitted through the laptop, the PC will be unstable, and the iPhone will take a long time to charge, easily causing damage or affecting battery life.

With the correct charger, a good quality charging cable will help charge the battery quickly
At present, there are many cheap chargers and chargers on the market for users to use or replace when the original wires and chargers are damaged.

However, after a period of time, you will find that your iPhone’s battery condition may be worse than the original one, because the battery is a bottled battery, and the charger and charging cable are damaged, which leads to a long charging time and cannot meet the needs of the battery. .
Please make sure you are using the correct charger, high quality original charger cable. This will help your iPhone charge the battery faster.

Clean the charging port regularly

The charging port is the place that directly contacts the power supply. If there is too much dust in this place, it will prevent the power supply from charging the device and delay the charging process of the iPhone. Therefore, you need to clean the iPhone charger regularly after using it for a period of time to improve the charging performance.

iPhone should not be charged while in use

Charging the battery while using the phone is a bad habit that most users have while using the device.
If you’re just charging and using the device for other tasks, the battery will be constantly charging and discharging. This will significantly slow down the battery charging time. At the same time, this habit also has bad consequences, because the heating of the equipment can cause fires and explosions.

Using an iPad charger will help recharge the battery quickly

According to the official information on Apple’s support page, you can use the charger that comes with the iPad to charge the iPhone. Using the Apple USB-C Charger and USB-C to Lighting Cable, even on models that support Quick Charge, will allow you to shorten charging times and help your iPhone charge faster.

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