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See the wifi password saved in Windows 10


Did you ever fall into the case of forgetting your wifi password? imagine having a friend come domestic sooner or later and ask for a wifi password however you all of sudden forgot. pretty stressed? usually, when forgetting the wifi password, humans will right away call the community issuer to request to get back or change a new password. however, this is quite difficult and takes a number of time.

thankfully, now all computers the use of home windows 10 can overview saved wifi passwords. that is, if you omit your password, it is viable to do the following to get it back.

the following operations are very simple, it does not require you to understand an excessive amount of approximately computers. just a unmarried command and you’ll see the wifi password that you forgot. word that this manner most effective suggests us the wifi networks i have visited.

the primary component you need to do is access the hunt command and kind “PowerShell”. A command panel will seem as shown below.

Then, what you need to do is copy the following command into the command table that appears:

netsh wlan show profile name = “NETWORK” key = clear

Remember to replace “network” with the wifi name you need to find the password (wifi’s SSID). Next, just press “Enter” key to get the command line executed. You will see a long list of details about the wifi you want to find the password for. The rest is to find the “Security Setting” section. There you will see a line called “Key Content”, which contains your wifi password. Last step, share wifi for relatives and friends if you want.

these are extraordinarily simple steps, no longer picky for every person who in some way by chance forgot his wifi password. don’t forget to shut the PowerShell window as quickly as you don’t forget the password to make sure your house wifi security. except retrieving the wifi password, this way you may also see the facts for its info, inclusive of the safety settings and the kind of wifi you are using.

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