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Instructions to automatically delete junk files, clean the hard drive daily on Windows 10


When you use the software, some files will be created and not deleted, adding files from the recycle bin (recycle bin) for a long time will fill the system drive. Tips to automatically delete junk files daily on Windows 10.

  • Note: Hard disk HDD and SSD should use. Especially SSD because hard drive has low capacity.


Step 1: Open Settings (Windows Shortcuts + I)> System> Storage

Step 2: Click on the Storage Sense tab. Continue to click Change how we free up space automatically (Windows version 1803 or lower) or Configure Storage Sense or run it now (Windows version 1803 or later).

Step 3: Under Storage Sense, turn on On mode 

1. Run Storage Sense:

First, learn the Run Storage Sense section that will allow you to delete junk files on your hard drive by cycle: daily, weekly, monthly. If the hard drive is large, select During low free disk space , Windows will send a message when it needs to be deleted.

2. Temporary Files: allows you the option to free up hard drive capacity:

Usually 2 items that always occupy the hard drive are the trash and the Download folder . Windows 10 allows you to schedule automatically to free up these 2 folders. You can choose to delete unused data within 1 day, 14 days, 30 days or 60 days. 

Check the box for Delete Temporary file that my apps aren’t using, then customize the following two items :

  • Delete files in my recycle bin if they have been there for over: Option to delete trash.
  • Delete files in my Downloads folder if they have been there for over: Delete the downloaded file in the Download folder

3. Free up space now frees up immediate 

storage Storage Sense also allows you to free up space instantly. If you have too little hard drive space. You can click the Clean Now button to have Windows clean up. It takes a few minutes for Windows to calculate the data to delete. And the hard drive will increase free space quickly.

​Whether you are using an HDD or SSD, please follow the steps above.

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