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Download ISO Windows 10 MAY 2019 (1903) with beautiful Light interface


The good news for everyone who is looking forward to Windows 10 MAY (1903) is to be able to download and install this latest version today.

You can now update by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, then clicking Check Update. If you want to install a new tool, you can use Microsoft tool via the link below:

Download ISO Windows 10 MAY 2019 (1903) with beautiful Light interface

​Click Update now , you will receive a file that supports installing and updating the latest version of Windows 10. If you want to download ISO for installation by USB, the installation speed is faster and more stable, please do the following steps:

  • Choose any phone device. Then press F5, you will see the interface as shown below:
  • Select select edtion in the correct version Windows 10 MAY 2019 . Click Confirm.
  • Select English language, then click Confirm
  • Choose the correct version then click Download

​If you decide to update Windows 10 MAY 2019, you should install a new ISO with USB to get a stable version of Windows 10.

New features of Windows 10 May 2019

Windows 10 May 2019 Update is a major update for Windows that is about to be released this month, and these are all its new features. While waiting for the update, invite you to read through to understand what changes are about to happen with your computer.

Start, Taskbar, and Action Center

We will start with Windows Shell updates, it includes the main interface components such as Start Menu, Action Center, task bar, right-click menu, touch keyboard. As you can see in the picture below, we have a new theme called “Light” that makes the computer brighter, and I think many of you will like it. This Light interface gives Windows 10 a new, more modern and brighter breath. Many apps written for Windows 10 will automatically be applied to this theme.


The right-click menu is now also added with a back shadow, which makes it stand out and easier to see when opening the menu on white background interfaces. Right-click menu is also updated in many places to show the interface more modern, more beautiful and more consistent with the rest of the system. 

However, it also has some disadvantages, such as the lighting effect of Fluent Design, which is not uniform in the Start Menu area. These points are not so important that they do not affect your use.


With newly installed or newly purchased machines available with Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Microsoft will compact the Start screen, reducing the number of squares set by default. It helps users feel Start Menu more beautiful, more streamlined. 

In the Action Center area that you often use to view notifications, Microsoft adds a slider to adjust the screen brightness. This is extremely delicious because we have asked it since Windows 10 came out until now. The buttons in the Action Center can also move freely and work immediately instead of having to open a new window and do more of the same operations.

File Explorer

File Explorer, one of the most used Windows applications every day, has been tweaked in many places:

  • The default Download folder displays newly downloaded files first
  • Edit File Explorer icons a bit in warmer tones, making sure to match the new Light theme

Search and Cortana

The look of the search area is more beautiful than ever, clean and bright, and this is what we expect in a modern operating system. The apps you use will be clearly displayed, the files will find more information, even the preview image of the file (currently applied to Office formats, images, website links). When combined with the Light interface, this Search area looks elegant.


And if you pay close attention, the Search interface doesn’t have Cortana anymore. I asked many brothers who used Windows around me to know that Cortana and Search can make them uncomfortable because they rarely use Cortana. If the two guys are separated, you can call Cortana and it will appear in another interface (but still look the same as before).


Sandbox is only available for Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. This feature allows you to create a “virtual machine” inside your real machine, you can install the software on it to run safely, independent of your main computer to prevent viruses. This virtual machine manages its own data, not sharing anything with the main machine. For example, if you download a certain EXE file on the web, you will run it in the Sandbox to check first, if everything seems to be fine, then when it comes to the main environment, when closing Sandbox all data of It will be restored to the original. 

Sandbox will be for you to enjoy more, but ordinary users rarely need it.



Settings now look brighter and cleaner, have their own area to display information about Microsoft Account, OneDrive status, Your Phone feature to connect to phones, Microsoft Rewards rewards, and status. Windows Update.


When you go into each item, you will also see that Microsoft interprets it easier to understand, using more illustrative images, not just the whole word. For example, you can see how the mouse pointer size changes, the mouse pointer color on different backgrounds is clearly illustrated. This is a welcome change because it makes it easier for users to use Windows, and the Settings area is not just for “tech savvy” users to get into. I highly value these changes.


Windows Updates

Microsoft explained that in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update update released this month, you can suspend Windows updates , apply to both feature upgrades and monthly updates. During the pause, Windows will not ask you about running updates at all. Each time you suspend for up to 7 days, you will be suspended for 5 consecutive times. After a total of 35 days, you are required to install the update before continuing the suspension. 

For those who want to update quickly, Microsoft adds the Download and install now button in Windows Update so that you click on it to download and install the update immediately without asking any more.

Some changes are also made with the update function depending on the Windows time frame. We now have the Active Hours feature, where you can set the time you work so Windows Update does not run itself during that hour. In Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Windows has the ability to monitor and learn habits to select the most appropriate installation time, and it also ensures that the time frame rarely touches your computer. Even updates for apps installed from Windows Store will gradually be installed according to usage habits. Now there are AIs everywhere, even Windows Update has artificial intelligence.

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