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Change function button on ios lock screen


Guide to alternate the feature of 2 buttons (flash and digital camera) outdoor the lock screen thru Shortcuts on iOS 13 – also called Shortcut app.

as an example, commonly we open iPhone to speedy get right of entry to the camera, we are able to swipe the display screen to the left to open, then the digital camera button Haptic contact subsequent to the flash button will “excess” for lots people. it is now viable to change that camera button feature to another software. (As a laptop button for brief comfort).

Change function button on ios lock screen

From Shortcuts, select Automation right in the middle – Select Create Personal Automation – drag down to the bottom and choose Open App

Đang tải Shortcuts_ios_13_lock_screen_tinhte_2.jpg…

Then you choose the button to choose (choose) application – scroll down to find Camera and select Camera (because I want to change the camera button for example) – select Next

Select Add Action – select Apps – Select Open App

Đang tải Shortcuts_ios_13_lock_screen_tinhte_4.jpg…

After selecting Open App right now, click on on the App phrase to choose the software you need to update for the digicam key, for example I choose Instagram. Then I click subsequent and i take away the button Ask earlier than walking (ask before activating) so I press the button haptic touch on the digicam, it will get entry to directly to Instagram with out asking for a request.

Đang tải Shortcuts_ios_13_lock_screen_tinhte_5.jpg…

Press achieved to complete, now whilst you liberate the screen, haptic touch the camera key, it will run Instagram with out unlocking the tool. Of route you may customize any utility you need, i’m just instance each Instagram.

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