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Troubleshoot common network problems Windows 10


educate you how to reset community settings on windows 10 version 1903
Why do I ought to reset network settings ?: if your pc can not get right of entry to the community or wifi is disconnected constantly after upgrading to home windows 10 model 1903 …
however, you should carry out the subsequent steps before resetting the community settings:

  • Restart your modem and computer.
  • Disable VPN if mounted and check the firewall of anti virus
  • replace your pc to the modern model
  • click on the wifi icon and pick out Troubleshoot then observe the commands of the home windows and restart the laptop
  • remove the driver in network adapters and reinstall it
    If the above steps nevertheless cannot fix your network blunders, you want to reset the community settings according to your commands
Troubleshoot common network problems Windows 10

Please observe that when you carry out the steps under, you’ll lose all of the wifi passwords you saved before, please backup your wifi bypass first.

approach 1: Use cmd, practice to windows 7, home windows 8 and windows 10
Open cmd with admin rights

Then type the following command and enter


  netsh winsock reset
 netsh int ip reset
 ipconfig / release
 ipconfig / renew
 ipconfig / flushdns 
Đang tải cover_huong_dan_dat_lai_cai_dat_mang_windows_10_2.jpg…

Then restart the computer
Method 2: Use Network reset
– Press Windows + Q and type Network reset

Đang tải cover_huong_dan_dat_lai_cai_dat_mang_windows_10_3.jpg…

Then select Network reset and select Reset now

Đang tải cover_huong_dan_dat_lai_cai_dat_mang_windows_10_4.jpg…

Then select Yes , when you select Yes your computer will reboot itself in 5 minutes and the network will be disconnected, if you do not want to wait you can restart the computer.

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