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Windows 10 SSD setup works better


By default, Windows forever mechanically defragments the drive while not user permission. Defragmenting on associate degree SSD can shorten the lifetime of the drive. as a result of SSDs square measure restricted within the range of times they will write and browse information. Fragmentation may be a manner of organizing and recording information, therefore it reduces the quantity of remaining writes of the SSD.

  • By default, Windows automatically performs defragmentation regularly, so turn it off
  • Press the Windows + E key combination
  • Right-click on any partition and select Properties
  • Under Tools, select Optimize
  • Click on the SSD, select Change settings
  • Leave the Run on a schedule line checked, then click OK

Turn off INDEX feature on WINDOWS

Turn off the Index feature for files and folders through the Search tool on Windows. Because this process works continuously, it makes reading and writing data happen regularly.

By default, this feature will work continuously, causing the hard drive to slow down. Please turn it off
  • Right-click on any partition and select Properties
  • Uncheck Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.
  • Click Apply> OK

With solely a pair of straightforward settings, you have got helped your SSD disk drive last longer. Also, you ought to refrain from writing / deleting information too persistently. SSDs shouldn’t be overfilled.

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