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Summary New Tweak: Auto Dynamic Wallpaper, GlyphAlert, AutoLivePhotos, Speculum and many tweaks


Auto Dynamic Wallpaper, GlyphAlert, AutoLivePhotos, Speculum and many different new tweaks launched inside the past week to higher support jailbroken iOS gadgets. here’s a list of the maximum distinguished tweaks, invite you to seek advice from and strive


AutoDynamicWallpaper ($ 2.ninety nine / supply Packix / iOS 11 – 12.2): Tweaking allows to play animated wallpapers on the lock screen with out support by using 3-d touch or require customers to faucet the device display.

GlyphAlert (unfastened / supply C1d3r / iOS 11 – 12.2): This tweak brings a beautiful glyph-centric notification device for iOS, you may personalize many distinctive icons like airplane mode, digicam , Messages, Clock, Compass, smartphone, Settings, weather

NetworkManager ($ 1.forty nine / supply Packix / iOS eleven – 12.2): Tweaking gives you the ability to set the network mode on iPhone / iPad extra comfortably whilst starting from the module in the manipulate middle.

AutoLivePhotos (free / source Packix / iOS 10 – 12.2): excellent-tuning allows to automatically permit / disable live snap shots shooting mode through face detection from digital camera.

BellePlayer ($ 1.99 / source Geometricsoftware / iOS 11 – 12.1.2): Tweak to assist customize the tune participant interface on the lock display, neat and less screen than the default interface.

Dynamic Apples (loose / source Packix / iOS eight – 12.2): Tweaking gives you a sequence of animated wallpapers from previous variations like iOS 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Speculum (free / supply Packix / iOS 12 – 12.2): Tweak to assist customize the clock widget widget at the lock display, can trade the show area, shade and display factor.

Spotpower (unfastened / supply Packix / iOS 8 – 12.2): Spotpower lets in you to make quick functional options from the strength key thru key phrases on highlight, which include / respring; / sbreload; / safemode; / uicache; / restart.


  • AppTic: Tweaking offers tactile comments whilst you open an application from the house screen (loose source Packix)
  • PastAndGo: quick adjust paste and replica text assist ($ 1.50 source Packix)
  • PastAndGo (Activator): Tweak to PastAndGo activation support above ($ 1.50 via Packix repository)
  • WASendConfirm: Refine whatsapp to verify with you earlier than sending messages to others (unfastened source CydiaGeek)
  • Whatsapp Revael: Tweak to help bring greater features to Whatsapp application (unfastened source Packix)
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