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Move all mail and Drive data from old Gmail to new Gmail


You need to delete the Gmail account you’re the usage of to replace to the new Gmail. however, you can not delete because the mail remains e mail and statistics in Google force, the answer enables flow all mail and data pressure from vintage Gmail to a new account.


Move all mail and Drive data from old Gmail to new Gmail

1: Log in to the old Gmail, click the installation icon in the right corner of the screen. Select Settings

2: Accessing Forwarding and POP / IMAP tabs :

  • Check Enable POP for all mail in the POP Download section
  • Click Save Changes to save the changes

3: Proceed to log in to your new Gmail account, go to Settings, select the Accounts tab  Click on the Import mail and contacts item

4: Enter the old Gmail address , then click Continue

5: Proceed to logging into the old account, providing rights to Google. Follow Google’s instructions.

6: Once completed, you will receive a notification: Mail will be synchronized in a few hours or two days, depending on the number of mail.

7: Go back to the old Gmail settings, access Forwarding and POP / IMAP, click Add a forwarding address.

8: Enter a new Gmail, and complete the Google instructions. Don’t forget to check the ” Forward a copy of incoming mail to … ” option and click Save Changes for the settings to take effect.

That is complete!


The maximum worrisome aspect of customers is their Google pressure records whilst replacing email. however you don’t need to fear

  • Must use Chrome kernel browser or Chromium platform: Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome …
  • Google Drive account storage space is still available to save the file. New Gmail so the storage is still enough to receive files from old mail.

1: In the old Google Drive, please select the folders you want to put through new Gmail and proceed to share ..

​To check if share is successful or not, please open Google Drive of new Gmail. Check items Share with me

​First, install the extension in the link below. Click Add to Chrome> Add app

2: After installation is complete, click on Visit website, continue to click Review Permissions . Log in to your new Google account. Then click Allow .

3: Go back to the link at B1, click Visit Website . The home page of the tool starts to display, click SEARCH YOU DRIVE . Select the folder in the Share with Me section . Then click NEXT

4: Name the folder containing the file after the copy is finished. Click Next

5: Select the save location, here you select Root of My Drive : Copy to My Drive

6: Check the information then click COPY FOLDER

​Immediately you will get the result as shown below. Copy speed is very fast, please experience it yourself. Check back at My Drive

​Here are the results:

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