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Instructions to turn on Dark Mode on iPhone


Step 1:

At the interface on the device, the user accesses the Settings icon and then select General .

Click Settings
Click General

Step 2:

Next, click on the Accessibility item .

Click Accessibility

Step 3:

In the Accessibility interface, click Display Accommodations .

Adaptive screen on the device

Step 4:

The user then clicks on Invert Colors .

Click Invert Colors

Switch to the new interface, users will see two different options:

  • Smart Invert: when activating this mode, it will reverse the color of the display on the device to dark, except media files, images, icons, … This mode also works with applications on the device.
  • Classic Invert: This mode simply reverses the color of the screen.
2 color reversing modes on the device

So to switch the device to a dark background color, we will activate the Samrt Invert mode .

Activate Smart Invert

The iOS 11 device interface when switching to dark background will look like the image below.

Dark mode interface on iOS 11

Although the Redesigned Invert Colors or Smart Invert feature does not reduce the damage of screen lighting when we use the device during the night, it also somewhat reduces the intensity of the light, making the screen soften. In particular, when activating Smart Invert, some other icons will not be changed to dark background.

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