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Cercube – YouTube Premium “free”, supports ad blocking and plays music in the background


To completely remove ads on YouTube, you need to register for a Premium account at the specified price from the provider (11.99 USD / month for Video platform and 9.99 USD / month for Music platform). However, if you do not have enough economic conditions to use genuine service, you can refer to this article to “temporarily” block ads when using YouTube, especially without having to jailbreak machine

The method I want to share with you is the Cercube, a modified version of Google’s original YouTube application. Provide users with many support features when using YouTube such as blocking ads, playing music in the background, downloading high quality videos, converting audio video formats, improving playback speed adjustment functions and lots of pros difference.


Advanced file download:
Download videos up to 4K resolution
Download videos only as audio
Set the default download quality
Play download files in the document player
Manage and share downloads for any application
Enter downloads to Music or Video
Support playing videos in the background:
Play videos on YouTube using images in photos
Set the default YouTube player quality on WiFi
Set the default YouTube player quality on 3G / 4G
Video playback automatically at the end
Add rewind button and skip
Add speed control to the YouTube player
Some other improvements and customizations:
Change the default start page
Turn on background playback
High quality playback on mobile data
Delete Trends tab
Force the keyboard white on the application

NOTE: Although this application helps you remove ads when watching videos on YouTube, but the developer has inserted a small ad pop-up frame below the menu bar (not annoying and only shows when you minimize video player). If you want to completely delete your ads, you can register the license for $ 2 with a permanent use time. In addition, you need to delete the original YouTube application if installed on the previous device.


To install the Cercube application you will have two options, one is to perform the installation operation directly on the phone through a third-party app store, or install via the computer with the IPA file and public Cydia Impactor tool. Both ways on the temple have its own advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on your need to install.

As follows:

For direct installation on the device, you will not need to use the computer, remove the application usage limit for 7 days, the operation is also faster. However, Apple may revoke the application’s certificate at any time and must use a configuration profile from another developer (sign the app available for a year of use).

1: Visit https://www.tweakboxapp.com/ link> install this store on your device (Install Now button)
2: After installation is complete, open the app via the TweakBox icon on the main screen, select Tweaked Apps and search for the keyword Cercube
3: On the search page, click on the Cercube icon to open the details page and click the Install button to install the application on the device.
4: Open Settings> General settings> Configuration & device management> Trusted certification of the Cercube developer is complete (note this is an important step and decide whether this application will work properly. Your device or not).

Installed via computer, you will not be dependent on the configuration profile from the developer, you can use your Apple ID account to sign the app but it is limited to 7 days (after 7 days of need) Reinstall to continue using).

1: Download support tool on Cydia Impactor computer
2: Download file IPA Cercube
3: Connect your device to the computer and see the installation steps in the following article “Instructions to install the application (ipa) on your iPhone, iPad from your computer, no need to jailbreak”

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