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Windows 7 users must install the patch immediately, Microsoft discovered the “BlueKeep” vulnerability


If you are one of those users still using Windows 7 or earlier, you need to install important patches today to fix the recently discovered security flaws on older Windows versions.

Specifically in early May, Microsoft revealed to its users that a serious security vulnerability, called “BlueKeep,” was discovered on Windows 7 and earlier Windows versions. BlueKeep has the ability to provide hackers with remote access to your PC via the remote PC control protocol – Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) of Windows by using a vulnerability (also known as ” worm”). Such holes have recently begun to appear on the internet

After the BlueKeep vulnerability was discovered, Microsoft released a patch for all affected Windows versions on May 14. The problem is that only a small portion of older Windows users are at risk of being affected. update this patch. According to Wired, a recent Windows scan shows that at least 922,225 compromised computers have not been updated with Microsoft patches, in fact the number of computers may be much higher.

If you’re among hundreds or thousands of users who haven’t updated your device yet, do so now. The risk of keeping your PC unaffected by vulnerabilities is too great to ignore, even if you’re running a business and only using your work computer to do a chore.

For those who are not sure if they are affected by the vulnerability, computer security company McAfee has released a tool that will check whether Windows RDP is on your computer system. If yes or if you are running Windows 7 or below, you need to download and install Microsoft patches immediately to fix the problem

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