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Windows 10 desktop wallpaper automatically changes by date


Each day open the laptop, the lock display of windows 10 shows a lovely new picture. whenever we open Bing.com, we see a brand new wallpaper this is also very beautiful. All of those images are from Microsoft’s Bing collection and the way to put this image library in the desktop heritage in addition to automatically alternate it every day. A simple, great application on Microsoft Store called Dynamic Theme.

Dynamic Theme’s interface is the same as that set in Windows 10 Settings. In the Background section

  • System settings – this is the default setting of Windows 10;
  • Photo – wallpaper options;
  • Bing – automatically retrieve images from Bing services;
  • Windows Spotlight – automatically get the same picture of Windows 10 lock screen wallpaper;
  • One Bing image – get any picture from Bing service;
  • One Windows Spotlight image – take any picture from Windows Spotlight;
  • Slideshow – automatically change the image in a folder.

To use Bing images as your wallpaper, select Bing. The selected image will be the day and the new day, the wallpaper will automatically change.
Similar to Windows Spotlight, the desktop wallpaper will be the same as the wallpaper from the lock screen. In addition to desktop wallpapers, you can also set the same auto-lock screen

If you want to select the image in Bing or Windows Spotlight library, select One Bing image or One Windows Spotlight image and click the Choose button. The application will display the image library, press the back arrow button to select and click the check button to apply.

If you like a photo and want to save it to your computer, click Show history> select Save button (floppy disk image) or you can choose to set it as wallpaper, lock image right in this menu.

If you want to save automatically, go to the Daily Bing image and Daily Windows Spotlight image> find Autosave and turn this button on. You can choose a folder for the application to save the image itself or by default, the Pictures folder in the Windows 10 library.

In the Daily Bing image, there is a Source section, which essentially shows Bing by region (based on the Region’s device settings as well as when visiting Bing.com), so you can choose the source image from Other areas like Australia, Japan, China.

The other feature is the Slideshow, which is similar to the default Settings feature in Windows 10 which will create a folder containing the wallpaper you want to display, set the time to change the picture every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour …, Select the Random button to display randomly.

This Dynamic Theme app also supports synchronization between Windows 10 devices with the same Microsoft account. You can turn off the Synchronization button at each setting.

There is a pity that the image in the Microsoft library has a small resolution, maximum of Full HD (1920 x 1080 px), so for those with higher resolution screens, the image will be broken. beautiful.

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