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What to prepare before upgrading iOS 13 update


As expected, iOS 13 will be officially released by Apple at the launch event of the new generation iPhone on September 10. Here are some notes when upgrading to this version to avoid data loss

Which device is on iOS 13

What to prepare before upgrading iOS 13 update

The first devices to get the official iOS 13 update: iPhone, iPod touch. In addition to the new generation iPhone, which will be sold with iOS 13.1 as the default operating system, the first iPhones and iPod touches will be updated to iOS 13, while the iPad will have its own operating system from now on. called iPadOS

Back up data to iCloud or iTunes

  • This backup will help you return to the state of the machine before upgrading
  • The iCloud backup function will backup nearly the whole thing on your smartphone: contacts, messages, name records, configuration of apps, accounts which have been signed in to email, wallpapers, settings. you could personalize it yourself … The photographs you have on your pc also are covered in the backup

This is like taking pictures all of the content on your iPhone and iPad and when you want to repair, just take this backup copy on your new tool, it’s it. you will no longer need to setup configuration or login from the start. The third-birthday celebration app statistics continues to be intact, and after the iPhone re-downloads these apps, you can use it adore it did for your antique device.

  • ITunes backup works the same way, but it will back up to your computer instead of to the cloud

How to Backup data

  • With iCloud backup:
    1. Settings> your name> choose your iPhone, iPad
    2. Click on “Backup iCloud”> click “Backup now”
  • With iTunes backup
    1. Plug your phone with a USB cable
    2. Choose your device name
    3. Click the “Back up now” button

The backup will take a few minutes to a few minutes depending on what you’ve backed up before

Update to the latest iOS 12

You could upload without delay to iOS 13 with out going through intermediate updates, but to avoid Apple converting whatever, you must go to the latest version of iOS. currently it’s miles iOS 12.4.1. If Apple misses an intermediate update, your tool is ready for the day while iOS 13 is delivered

Fully charged battery

Remember to fully charge your phone battery. iOS has a limit for not updating if the battery is below 50% for fear of power failure during the update process will easily cause machine death

How to update iOS 13

Devices are using iOS 12 or lower

You can update to iOS 13 directly via OTA by going to Settings -> selecting General settings -> selecting Software update. After the data checking is completed, download and confirm the update for the device

Or, update iOS 13 for devices via your computer with iTunes software and iOS 13 firmware

Devices are using the iOS 13 beta

Your device is using the iOS 13 beta (including public and developer), first you need to delete the profile that supports the trial version on the device by going to Settings> selecting General settings> selecting Manage configuration and device> choose to delete iOS 13 Profile> then proceed to reboot

After that, update iOS 13 to your device as usual (the way for devices using iOS 12 or below)

The device has been jailbreak

Jailbroken devices aren’t allowed to replace devices directly the usage of OTA, however need to use software on the pc to restore the tool. earlier than upgrading to the new iOS version, the most crucial thing is which you must returned up your statistics and log out of your iCloud account (if any). Then, you down load the iOS 13 firmware and proceed to restore the use of 3uTools

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