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What iPhone users do not need to wait for in iPhone 14

  • About a week from now, Apple will announce the new iPhone series at the “Far Out” event.
  • iPhone 14 series will certainly have many new features, but there are also many things that have been rumored for a long time, but will not appear on this year’s iPhone version because Apple will reserve them for future iPhone generations a few years later.


  • The iPhone 14 will have the usual ports, but that doesn’t include USB-C.
  • According to many sources, it was not until the iPhone 15 that Apple made the transition to USB-C, before the European Union’s requirement took effect in 2024.
  • Not only iPhone, but Apple also had to switch to USB-C for AirPods headphones.
  • Today, USB-C has become extremely popular and many Apple devices also use this charging port,
  • Therefore, an iPhone with a USB-C port to simplify accessories is what many iPhone users are looking for


  • Rumors of an iPhone with a portless or “holeless” design have been around for a long time.
  • Some information even suggested that Apple would apply this design on the iPhone 13, the results are known to everyone.
  • While this could be a way for Apple to bypass the European Union’s USB-C requirement,
  • but a portless iPhone is probably still very inconvenient. That won’t happen this year, and may never happen


  • iPhone 14 Pro is expected to remove the notch and have a new “i” Face ID cluster design, while the iPhone 14 and 14 Max retain the old design.
  • By 2023 with the iPhone 15, all new iPhone models will have the same design, but every source indicates that an iPhone with a hidden camera like the Galaxy Z Fold will not appear in the near future.


  • While Samsung is already in the fourth generation of its foldable smartphone lineup, it doesn’t seem like Apple is in a hurry to get into this game.
  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted a foldable iPhone would appear “as early as 2024”, but then pushed his prediction to 2025.


  • When Apple announced it would hold an event on September 7, people began to guess what “Far Out” meant.
  • The invitation shows a constellation that makes up the Apple logo.
  • While this may be referring to the periscope camera, it is more likely that Apple is hinting at an astrophotography mode.
  • In fact, a periscope camera has been rumored to be on the iPhone, but that’s the iPhone 15.
  • According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the periscope camera will first appear on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the iPhone 15 Pro will retain the telephoto lens.
iPhone 14 was introduced at an event called Far Out
iPhone 14 was introduced at an event called Far Out
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