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Turn off 3D Touch on iOS 13


Apple provided and changed quite a lot on iOS 13 including Haptic Touch, replacing the previous 3D Touch feature. Haptic Touch is basically a long-press and hold gesture to open up additional features. If 3D Touch relies on strong or light pressure to open the appropriate content, then with Haptic Touch will change to the time of touch on the screen. However, going to iOS 13 using both 3D Touch and Haptic Touch will make you feel more difficult to use.

Instructions to turn off 3D Touch on iOS 13

  • Access to Settings and click on Accessibility
  • Switch to the new interface, select the item Touch and then click 3D Touch & Haptic Touch
  • By default, 3D Touch is turned on, you just need to turn the white circle to the left to turn it off

If you use 3D Touch, you can adjust the sensitivity of this feature to make it work lighter

  • Go to 3D Touch & Haptic Touch and look under the 3D Touch Sensitivity option, then turn the button toward Light.
3D Touch and Haptich Touch feature on iOS work separately, so when you turn off 3D Touch will not affect Haptich Touch. If you want to use 3D Touch then we should reduce the activity level of the feature down
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