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Tricks you may not know about macOS Mojave


Take photos from iPhone and get files right on Mac

This function is extremely convenient when you need to quickly transfer photos from iPhone to your computer, for example, when capturing documents for presentation slides, take photos describing the uploads Subtly, take photos and bring them to your computer. edit before uploading Facebook … No need to capture and send manually

Note to use it, your iPhone, iPad must turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, log in with your iCloud account with the computer.

Tricks you may not know about macOS Mojave

Usage: in the Finder (or in supported apps such as Keynotes, Pages, Number, Mail, Messages, Notes, Text Edit), right-click on the blank> Import from iPhone or iPad> select the device name> Take photo. As soon as you press the button, the camera app on the iPhone will automatically open up, and when you finish shooting, select “Use this picture” as the image is automatically transferred to the computer.

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Auto update

Since macOS Mojave, Apple has dropped the update of the operating system through the App Store, instead they put in a separate area to manage the updates. You can find it in System Preferences> Software Update. In this box, there is “Automatically keep my Mac up to date” box. Click on the Update button, you can customize the way that macOS will automatically update: whether to download it yourself or not, to install it yourself (or just download it first and let you choose the installation time) …

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Take better screenshots

Command + Shift + 3 to screenshot full screen, Command + Shift + 4 to screenshot only one window or area you want. In macOS Mojave, press Command + Shift + 5 to display a screen capture tool and rotate the screen more fully. You can choose to shoot / capture the whole screen, the area you want, after shooting and recording, save to any folder, schedule a countdown before shooting … At the top, almost every need for your screenshot will be solved Decide with this tool.

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Voice Memos

This is a voice recorder app, which is now available on iPhone but recently on macOS. Now you can use your computer to manage and listen to the voice notes you have created on iPhone, create new notes and sync yourself to iPhone, rename the existing note file …

To open this app, press Command + Space> type Voice> select Voice Memo app

Tricks you may not know about macOS Mojave

Sort desktop with Stack

A stack is a feature that can help us to trim the main screen by stacking files that have content close together into a group. We have 6 options for stacking: include by type, by editing date, file creation date, latest opening date, and by tags. You can find the Stack by right-clicking on Desktop> select Use Stack> the file will arrange for you.

How to turn on dark mode in macOS Mojave

Mojave has built-in dark mode to make the interface of the operating system look cool and beautiful, in addition to system apps, some applications that follow the standard of macOS will also change to black theme. You can turn on dark mode by going to System Preferences> General> Apperance> Dark. If you want to change the light theme, go to this place and choose Light.

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