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Top 10 projects you can do with your own Raspberry Pi


Owning yourself a Raspberry Pi has not been too difficult, and those devices are getting stronger and more responsive to the needs of users. This is what you can do with this tiny computer, especially since the Raspberry Pi 4 is now available with up to 4GB of RAM and a much stronger chip than the previous one.

Amusement system for television

The pinnacle Android, setupbox or even the Chromecast Bureau have supported the features of playing movies and music to the television for amusement. but, if you use Raspberry Pi, you have got a tight manage and more functions than the answers available, because they’re developed with the aid of the community so there are numerous formats supported. you can movement films from difficult power to LAN or plug in a difficult pressure to Raspberry Pi to play.

to apply Raspberry Pi because the center of the living room leisure system, I see brothers who use OSMC, a modified version of the RPi operating machine for the tv interface. OSMC was once a totally famous Kodi machine. two different options you would possibly take into account are OpenELEC and RasPlex.

Use Raspberry Pi as a playstation

this is one of the high-quality projects i have ever finished with the Raspberry Pi, due to the fact I relived my lovely youth with PS1 games. the usage of this for light leisure after paintings hours or to ask your youngsters to play with might be very thrilling. i’m able to play final fable eight, the game I used to love while i was in elementary college. i can combat Dragon Ball Z or traditional plane shooting video games.

actually, there’s a ps classic that can do the same aspect, however it is quite costly and does not support many video games, while the net PS1 sport is full.

Turn normal tv into a smart television

when you have an old television and want to experience smart tv, you could use a Raspberry Pi instead of purchasing a brand new television. The Raspberry Pi itself is a pc, it also has the identical running gadget, programs going for walks within the form of home windows and console as windows. you can open the browser to view snap shots, watch films, YouTube, browse the web in general … it all works properly. If you may buy a Raspberry Pi four it will be even better thanks to a more powerful configuration than the Pi three version.

be aware that after the use of a Raspberry Pi as a pc, you remember to shop for a keyboard with a mouse included for easy manipulate (because you’re sitting within the living room, finding a separate mouse movement will be a chunk extreme)

Use as a print server

The print server is a server that permits you to connect the printer, and different printers can print so long as you are on the equal community. rather of purchasing a separate print server, recall the use of a Raspberry Pi answer. At that time you may sit at your bed room to work and print, the printer within the office will print out for you, no want to run back and forth.

Make smart domestic manipulate center

Raspberry Pi can remodel into a server that controls each smarthome in your property, and more amazingly, it can integrate with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa to increase customization. There are even a few gadgets that cannot be played with Google Assistant but through the Raspberry Pi fingers additionally play good enough

imperative to this answer is HASS – domestic Assistant – an open supply software assignment designed to govern and talk with mild bulbs, robots, fans, air conditioners and all smarthome gadgets in trendy. HASS can manipulate many devices of many exceptional brands, this gain lets in you to combine smarthome products of many brands with none issue.

HASS is superb, but it needs to be played a bit, it is true.

NAS Server

you can use your Rpi as a NAS to keep your own documents or movies in your family, or maybe your own cloud server.
For this project, you only want one detachable difficult drive, or an vintage hdd box.

Display small domestic or corporate networks, applicable to computers

To implement this task, you need to apply a Nagios tool called NagiosPi (surely Nagios however written one by one on RasPi), this is a very acquainted tool for you Sysadmin, it has can monitor community systems, computer systems and many offerings strolling inside the network.

VPN server

VPN is probably not peculiar to you, however we often use shared VPN offerings, ie you may percentage the server bandwidth with many others so the speed is not excessive. With RPi you could turn it into a VPN server with software referred to as PiVPN

Wifi Extender

every other fantastic software is that you can use Rpi to turn it into a wifi sign extension device, if you use Rpi 2 or lower, you have to have an extra usb wifi, but if if you don’t have to shop for some thing, you don’t need to shop for anything.

Turn Rpi right into a mini-pc

With Rpi’s hardware development, with the modern day model of Rpi4 and RAM up to 4GB, rpi can update a laptop with simple wishes that’s now not a long way away.

furthermore, Microsoft as well as builders are gearing toward vegetarian operating systems on many devices for specific functions. currently Rpi has been able to run as a minimum 7 distinct operating systems. i will have a separate article for these running structures to introduce to you later. The destiny, hopefully i am hoping Rpi can develop with integrating a small and small sibd and might run home windows 10 with nearly all of the features on it.

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