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The habit of making your computer more and more slowly


Why is Windows device installed so the device runs very fast, but then a little while later, the more and more slowly? There are many reasons why that happens, but the main reason is still the way you use it. Let’s see 5 common mistakes on how to fix.


you have got established a number of software program on your laptop, every form of software has a exclusive task. but? how many software are routinely jogging in the background for your tool?

you can now not understand, the software program always has an automobile-run characteristic inside the background. which means that even in case you don’t open and use the software, your RAM continues to be wasted. specially, the overall performance whilst the specified software program experience will worsen. The greater software you put in and run at the equal time, unnecessarily, more and more junk files are generated and more processed.

How to fix:
Check and turn off unnecessary software running in the system tray
Open the installed software, find and turn off Automatically run option when I start my computer. Or you can turn off right in the Task Manager application.

Type Ctrl + Shift + Esc, on the Startup tab, right-click on the software you want to turn off auto-start when you start your computer. Select Disable.


The advice of restarting an incident is a fable when using a computer. not handiest that, restarting the pc is likewise very vital. most users have a addiction of in no way turning off the computer to keep the usage of it at the following time. that is a totally bad habit, making home windows run slower.

Why restart the computer then the mistake is long gone? The motive is that the reboot will release the RAM absolutely, and be booted inside the subsequent use. If there is any problem with the software, it cannot work well, then liberating RAM and re-strolling the software program is the very best factor.


You do not need to restart the computer regularly, but restart the device several times each week. When traveling frequently from one location to another, use Sleep or hibernate mode to quickly continue what you’re doing on windows.


suppose again to whether you clicked on a hyperlink with an epidemic or a link to open a new tab containing ads? those hyperlinks are often hidden in the back of down load buttons or a few fake buttons that trick users. it is also one of the motives why the computer has an mistakes

There are some free software, during the installation process will require installing some unnecessary software, virtual browser … If not thinking and click Next (next) then you may have Add junk to Windows system just by installing some applications. The worst case is that malware can damage your computer.

Fix: Be more careful when clicking on a link on the Internet that you are unsure of


Windows 10 can’t clean the system itself and maintain it, so you’ll have to do it

You should regularly update the operating system patches. The first is to help protect your device, the second is to make your device run more stable. Not only the operating system, the software you are using should also be updated regularly.

Turn OFF the computer by the power button

despite the fact that the laptop has supplied us with many approaches to show off the pc, maximum customers still use the manner to override the power button for a long time to turn off the pc. specialists still recommend customers to turn off the computer in a conventional manner.

There are a range of of recent computers that set Sleep mode whilst customers press the power button. in this mode, the laptop will nevertheless eat strength and the components need to still paintings. As a result, computer existence is decreased and battery lifestyles is reduced (computer). no longer to say that turning off with the energy button will damage the home windows operating machine, acting a blue display screen blunders … will step by step damage the HDD.

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