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The free software is worth $ 20 on the App Store September 27, 2019


$ 20 worth of software is available for free on the App Store on September 27, 2019. A list of nine free $ 20 apps from the App Store, quickly download before time runs out


The application supports taking photos with iOS’s new portrait mode, increasing the depth of field and changing the brightness / darkness or color of a photo. Ph Focus is a photo editing app perfect for creating depth effects and portrait lighting effects on any device.

The application helps you relax after stressful working hours with mellow music, pure sounds from nature. Take back control of your sleep with Deep Sleep : 3D Nature Sounds™. High quality endless nature and ambient sounds to help you focus while working, relieve anxiety, help during your meditation or yoga classes, or just to relax while reading or before going to sleep.

  • ($ 1.99> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 64 Ratings / App Store US)

Computer application focused on simplicity, fast and efficiency. CALC Swif supports up to 50 different calculation capabilities, and also comes with a widget for you to calculate quickly. CALC features standard basic & scientific calculator functions, history log, and an elegant user interface. The quick timer is designed to help your track remaining mins:secs whenever you are on schedule.

This app will help you easily control spending on iOS devices easily. Already more than 1 million users are satisfied with the application, with many special features such as automatic backup. Easy-to-spend expense tracker, the most powerful and convenient daily money management app and Budget Planner for iPhones and iPads, keep track of all your cash flows between accounts. Various amounts you can budget.

Extremely effective photo editing tool with plenty of support tools and a strong focus on the preset color filter library. Light leak filters, art filters, and vintage filters. Add scratch and speckles resulting in nostalgic pics. Create photos that resemble vintage photos from the 60’ies. Easily save your photos.

The application supports editing and adding written notes to images, easy-to-use tools, and fairly quick operation. Rich annotation tool library: marquee tool, brush tool, line tool, arrow tool, coverage tool, text tool, face coverage, text highlight, magnifier, focusing tool and stickers.

  • DOWNLOAD: ToyCam
  • (0.99 USD> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 1 Ratings / App Store VN)

Application to take photos and edit photos with extremely impressive Tilt Ship style. Almost frame alignment operations have been simplified to help users easily capture or edit. Take or choose an image, turn it into a picture of a toy and share it with the world! Try taking awesome tilt shift photos.

The application helps you convert photos taken in Live Photos mode to Videos, live into GIF with the best quality. By using Live Converter, you can create GIFs and Movies from Live Photos easily. You can even share your Live Photos with friends on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app and more.

Application best support when users take photos in areas with weak photos or taken at night. Equipped with three modes Low mode, High mode and Max mode. The application works without any delays and delays. During image / video recording, you can flexibly change the camera’s sensitivity to get the best results, as well as set any 1-8x zoom level simultaneously to encode. The application has its own library to organize photos and videos and share them on Facebook, DropBox and Twitter.

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