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The app automatically pauses videos and games when you don’t look


One of the vital features advertised by means of Samsung plenty when it launched Galaxy S3 is sensible live with the ability to display your eyes, this selection works on the premise of mechanically turning off the screen when your eyes do now not look. go to the display and make sure the tool is constantly lively if your eyes are nevertheless searching on the display. evidently Google may also research Samsung and add a comparable characteristic to the today’s Android Q.

but, you do not need to have Samsung’s smartphone or wait till Android Q officially launches to experience this extraordinarily useful characteristic to your Android telephone. whilst recently an XDA discussion board developer named Junior CarlDuncan developed a software program referred to as Face Pause that has the same talents as Samsung’s clever live to assist any Android telephone with Samsung’s smart live experience.

In principle, Android smartphones all have the putting of the standby screen time, from 5 seconds to one minute and then it’s going to flip off the screen itself, however it is pretty inconvenient while you occasionally must press the home button have to both click at the screen to maintain the cellphone energetic all through reading, gambling video games, looking positive films, however if you use Samsung’s smart live or Junior CarlDuncan’s software, the display screen it will usually be vivid if your eyes nonetheless study the display screen, is it convenient?

As within the video higher than, you’ll see a blue screen overlay that’s activated whenever the front camera does not see your eyes. you’ll modification the opacity of this overlay reckoning on whether or not you wish to obscure the content on the screen. However, please note that this Face Pause code isn’t able to defend smartphones from others as a result of Face Pause solely acknowledges whether or not there square measure human eyes thus once it detects any eyes of the code can mechanically put off the screen overlay

Some key features of Face Pause:

  • Fast App Launcher – makes it easy to launch your favorite apps directly from the Face Pause app
  • Customize screen standby – can choose the color of the screen overlay
  • Energy saving mode
  • Verify face with rear camera
  • Frequency of face detection – you can customize how often the camera will check
  • Menu display – choose to display the menu when the screen is paused allowing you to access the Fast App Launcher
  • Pause using camera

Because Face Pause is experiencing some errors with the YouTube application, thus developer Junior CarlDuncan created a separate computer code referred to as Face Tube. This computer code works slightly totally different from Face Pause once you can got to copy the video link on Youtube to Face Tube to be used. you’ll transfer these 2 computer code at no cost on Google Play

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