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Summary of new changes and features on iOS 13 beta 1 and iPadOS



  • Dark mode for default applications (also support for application developers)
  • Set to turn on / off the dark mode on schedule
  • Option to optimize wallpaper for dark mode
  • Change Volume HUD
  • QuickPath Typing (swipe on keyboard to input data)
  • Better undo actions on the keyboard (maybe for iPad only)
  • Font manager (maybe for iPad only)
  • Low data mode
  • Added the option to remove the limit of downloading applications with mobile data
  • Bluetooth mouse connection
  • Change the accessibility menu, the position displayed on the original list of Settings
  • Additional charging mode is not full, making your battery more durable


  • Multiple color options
  • The answer menu adds the options to reply, unread bookmarks, move to trash, move to different mailboxes and flag
  • Mute chat
  • Block emails coming from a designated sender
  • New format bar for keyboard to insert media and attachments
  • Change font
  • New text format for font, size, color, dash, alignment, list and indent
  • Smaller set of tools for you to view your email and select photos at the same time
  • Provide a better email address


  • Add a avatar or insert Memoji to your profile folder for iMessage
  • Many more Memoji custom such as braces, piercings, makeup, hairstyles and so on
  • Three new Animoji (mouse, octopus and cow)
  • Allows you to capture the perfect expression to share
  • Set up Memoji Stickersn individually
  • The detailed framework for each conversation is better represented
  • Give quick suggestions when searching for messages
  • Sort search results with highlighted terms
  • You can search in specific conversations, not just the entire application
  • All devices using A9 or higher chips support Memoji Stickers and Animoji Stickers


  • Photos / Videos in the library are managed with machine learning on the device
  • Automatically duplicate content, screenshots, documents, receipts etc.
  • Can be viewed by date, month and year in the Photos tab
  • Forward contextually in the Photos tab so you keep your position when navigating the view over time
  • Automatically play videos and preview Live Photos displayed right in the list view
  • Live Photos can be played back longer if the shooting time is longer than 1.5 seconds
  • Smart photo preview makes it easier to identify photos
  • Event title displayed in the photo tab (eg location, vacation, concert etc.)
  • Month view displays photos according to important events
  • The display of birthday photos in the Everyone album
  • “On this day” mode shows you pictures from previous years for the current day
  • Zoom in or out in all images to make scanning easier
  • You can perform multiple keyword searches without having to type each word individually
  • Video recording screen has its own album with smart management capabilities
  • Preview intensity displayed for each adjustment
  • Filter control
  • Consider each effect applied in the preview mode and after
  • Edit videos with more tools
  • Adjust image temperature and color tone
  • Control the intensity of the slider to adjust clarity
  • Add filter
  • Pinch-to-zoom during editing
  • High monochrome effect for portraits on white background
  • Adjust the position and intensity of lighting effects when taking Portrait Lighting (for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max only)


  • The lyrics are synchronized over time
  • Notify when adding duplicate songs in playlists


  • More detailed map with realistic views of roads, beaches, parks, buildings etc.
  • Favorites can be added in the launch screen
  • Collection for favorites can be shared with friends or family
  • 3D-style 360-degree street view (you can navigate)
  • Note the right lane before turning
  • Share ETA
  • Map feedback is redesigned
  • Navigation with Siri is improved
  • Add departure flights, destinations, port locations and terminal information with flight status
  • Track the status of public transport in real time
  • MapKit provides developers with more options such as placing overlays on the map
  • Route planning, search and navigation on CarPlay has improved


  • The interface is redesigned
  • Quick toolbar to add time, date, location, flag or attachment
  • Enter longer sentences, more descriptions and reminders will understand to give suggestions
  • Siri will suggest that you create a reminder from the conversation in the Message
  • Add photos, documents, scans, web links etc to remind
  • Tasks can be added to other reminders
  • Can group multiple lists together
  • Separate categories for reminders
  • Tag people at the prompt so that when you chat with them in the Prompt Message will appear
  • Customize the color list with 12 color options and 60 icons


  • Log in to applications and websites with the option “Sign in with an Apple account” using your Apple ID (need to set up two-factor authentication on an Apple account)
  • Automatically virtual email addresses for applications and websites
  • Signing in with Apple also works on Android and Windows
  • Authorize the location for the application only once or forever
  • Receive notifications when the application is using location data in the background
  • Prevent applications from receiving your location via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without consent
  • Turn on or turn off geotags for photos shared on social networks
  • Increase security for Safari to prevent fingerprinting devices


  • Additional screen capture full page
  • Hide the toolbar when scrolling
  • Text size on web pages can be adjusted from 50% to 300%
  • Request the website on the desktop to be transferred from the refresh button to the actual menu
  • You can specify that specific websites always use the full desktop version
  • You can specify that specific websites always use read mode
  • Setup denies or allows access to Camera, Microphone or Location
  • Download manager in Safari


  • HomeKit security camera is available
  • HomeKit Secure Video automatically stores clips in iCloud
  • Can be controlled when the camera is live, record or turn off
  • Watch secure videos in the Home application
  • Routers that support HomeKit help protect your IoT devices and your home network
  • Can play songs, playlists and radio stations via the Music app with speakers that support AirPlay 2
  • Siri shortcut works with automation mode
  • Control other accessories in the home


  • Voice control allows you to use iPhone via your voice
  • All voice control process takes place on the device
  • Add custom words for voice control
  • Use text editing with voice control
  • Ask to edit a word or emoticon and get suggestions
  • Automatically receive orders
  • Can navigate the entire application by voice
  • Set the number to appear next to the items in the application in case you don’t know the name of the task
  • You can stack the grid on the screen to make touches, zoom, drag etc.
  • Touch gestures still work with voice control
  • Voice control switches back to sleep when you are not facing the camera


  • Face unlock is 30% faster than in iOS 12
  • Download applications 50% smaller than iOS 12
  • The update application is 60% smaller than iOS 12
  • Application launch speed is 2 times faster than iOS 12


  • Target reading daily in books to achieve achievement
  • You can create a new folder in the Files application
  • You can send spam and unknown callers directly to voicemail
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