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Summary of all rumors about iPhone 11


From the beginning of 2019 until now, there have been many rumors and comments about the new iPhone, also known as the iPhone 11. Only a few hours left, the official launch of the iPhone 11 generation will occur. . This can be considered as the largest and most anticipated technology event in the world, undeniably its effects and heat throughout the Internet front. It is not difficult to understand when the keyword topic iPhone 11 is receiving the highest statistics on Google Trending searches

iPhone 11 will have 3 different versions

The number of iPhones this year is still 3, continues to be contributed by 2 traditional high-end versions and 1 discounted low-cost version. However, the big difference compared to previous years is in the name: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Although these are just rumors and rumors, many sources have the same opinion.

iPhone has a new color

iPhone 11R (upgraded XR) is expected to come in new lavender and green (Green) colors. To replace the blue (Blue) and Coral on the iPhone XR in the present.

This is likely to be possible because the new blue and purple appear on the Apple logo of this September event, which will more or less represent the color of the product.

And on the iPhone 11 Pro (the upgrade of the Xs) is expected to have more blue (Blue), we can imagine the steel border is machined in blue.

Unique square camera cluster

The race for excessive-cease configuration has never been harsh for pinnacle-notch smartphones like the iPhone. similarly to the difficult-hitting achievements in phrases of velocity and processing power, Apple this 12 months can pay more attention to the digicam component with an extremely good improve that can’t be ignored.

The camera consists of a conventional wide-angle focal length, a narrow-angle focal length, and a super wide-angle focal length. Such a hexagonal arrangement can help when we take photos that change the camera lenses in different modes, so the angle difference is not much, instead of having to arrange 3 cameras. in the vertical row – causing more misalignment.

With the iPhone 11R (supposedly an XR upgrade) there will be 2 cameras instead of 3, but 2 cameras will still be in a cluster of squares.

Name and screen size

The new iPhone is expected to be placed by Apple with the number 11 followed by the letter “X” in roman numbers (10). Upgrade version. iPhone XR will be called the iPhone 11R or just the iPhone 11. It will remain the screen size of 6.1 “, it is unclear whether it will continue to use LCD panels or upgrade to OLED.

Upgrades of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in the present will be called iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Still using the screen sizes of 5.8 “and 6.5” of course on OLED panels. This will be the first time the word “Pro” is given to the iPhone line. It is also quite reasonable that the iPhone is called a Pro because it will be easier to classify the iPhone lines for later in the same way that Apple has named the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro – only used for high-end, powerful configurations.

The apple logo will be moved to the center

Perhaps all three iPhone lines may have the apple brand on the returned placed in the center. thus the “iPhone” emblem on the lowest may be absolutely eliminated. in that case, the general back of the new iPhone could have a “purifier”, greater visible appearance. but, that is additionally a minus factor in phrases of “Branding” mentality, first of all the Apple brand became deliberately designed to be raised slightly above the middle rather than being inside the center because for as soon as users preserve the device to use. while you use or hold the tool to your ears, the Apple logo is constantly visible.

iPhone 11R will have 4GB of RAM

Genkbench recently revealed on the new iPhone model is said to be an upgrade of the iPhone XR. It has 4GB of RAM, using an Apple A13 chip. In terms of single-core and multi-core scores, the A13 chip doesn’t outperform the current A12 chip. While Apple A12 chip has 4796 points single-core and 11192 points multi-core (calculated on Genkbench).

Keep using the lightning port

There are rumors that the brand new iPhone can be eliminated from the lightning port to exchange to USB-C. Ming-Chi Kuo has showed that the brand new iPhone nevertheless makes use of lightning. perhaps it is pretty reasonable that Apple has made very good profits on MFi certification, it’ll be tough for Apple to give up the lightning. however the new iPhone box is predicted to have a faster charger (18W) with a USB-C port, so we can use the C to lightning cable to price.

Does not support 5G network

It is conjointly Ming-Chi Kuo and Kuo that Apple has not nonetheless created a replacement electronic equipment chip to be ready to support 5G network this year and is anticipated to return next year. this can be conjointly a slow step for Apple as some golem smartphone brands (such as Samsung) have integrated 5G terribly presently.

Meanwhile earlier this year Apple was searching for major partners like Samsung and Mediatek to create electronic equipment chips on new iPhones. Of course, they need to prevent operating with Qualcomm when several fumbles.

iPhone 2019 supports Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax compared to the current standard of 802.11ac of Wi-Fi 5, it is expected that Apple will be the first company to bring Wi-Fi 6 to smartphone devices.

Wi-Fi 6 will bring faster network speed, especially the performance will be better in crowded environments, easily interfering with the network, while improving energy efficiency for better battery life, higher security.

The original selling price will be unchanged

According to AppleHub – an emerging source that is receiving a lot of attention, the price of the iPhone 11 versions will still have a starting point corresponding to recent years, not changed significantly. Specifically, the iPhone 11 similar to the iPhone XR will cost $ 749, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will reach $ 999 and $ 1099. Peak price with the highest capacity remains the same – $ 1499 – similar to the current iPhone XS Max 512 GB.

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