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Soft brick and hard brick: what to do when an Android phone turns into a brick?


Rebellious ROM new, suddenly ROM can not run up while you wipe all data and operating system old then, congratulations, your machine has been turned into a “brick” ( brick ). Symptoms often show that the machine has just shown the Google logo to reboot, or to boot animation, but the one-time spin still does not get to Android and either turn itself off or reboot. Less dangerous can be on Android but not use, not setup anything because the machine is completely free. In this topic, please share with you the remedies in these situations. Do not worry! 

Soft brick and hard brick: what to do when an Android phone turns into a brick?

Before you start, you need to know there are two types of bricks:

  • Soft brick , temporarily translated as soft brick: the phone is stalled when it reaches the boot screen of Android, stuck in the boot animation screen, the phone turns on and off again, or restarts only on recovery, not Android. When one of these things happens, the brother’s phone is soft brick. Soft brick is easy to treat, it’s okay.
  • Hard brick: press the power button and see nothing. Hard brick errors often occur when you try to flash an incompatible ROM or kernel, and usually have no autonomous way at home. You will have to bring it to the service center for the staff to handle. Luckily, hard bricks are rare today, so there’s no need to worry.

In this article, I will focus on soft brick, hard brick, I have not enough experience to share, make an appointment with you in the next topic. 

What needs to be prepared? 

When you have played the ROM to the point of being bricked, you are more likely to have all the necessary tools to solve the problem. 

The tools that we will use are very familiar: this recovery (TWRP is is the most popular), ADB and Fastboot, if you have another USB OTG, it’s good, but this is rarely used, so it’s not very serious. 

The steps you need to take are as follows: 

1. Turn off your phone and restart it. How to do on most Android phones is to hold down the power button for about 10 seconds. You need to make sure the screen turns off and when you press the volume key, the device doesn’t vibrate and doesn’t make any sound. 

2. Try to boot into custom recovery in the way you usually do. On most Android phones today, you need to hold down the power key + the negative DOWN key until you see the screen asking to boot into recovery. 

3. If you can access customer recovery, it is good, but if you cannot access it, please flash the latest custom recovery version for your device. How to do it can be reviewed in the topic: Everything you need to know about customer recovery and how to install TWRP for Android phones. 

Once you have access to a custom recovery, you have a number of options to restore the device

A. Delete all data and flash the ROM again

This error is most common when playing ROM. You download the new ROM, copy it to your computer to flash, but forget to delete the data of the old ROM. This is paramount because the data per ROM is different, the way it uses internal memory is different so if the old data ROM is back, the potential for conflict is close to 90%. Even two large versions of ROM will be different in data structure. Therefore, you cooker do ROM on the network always recommend that we wipe the device before flash. 

Now that you have missed the wipe or for some reason you can’t wipe it, don’t worry too much. You can always wipe and flash the ROM again. So let’s try this way now.

How to do it: in TWRP> Wipe> select the partition to wipe, choose system, data, cache (do not select internal storage because it will lose images, videos, music)> drag the bar to wipe 

After the wipe is done conducting flash ROM as usual.

Loading Lam_the_nao_go_brick_Android_flash_ROM_2.jpg ...

B. ROM is faulty, downloaded on the computer

This case I used to meet 2-3 times. Before the flash has cleared the data clean, the ROM will download properly for your device, but when the flash is finished, the boot loop will not be able to enter Android. Flash will not stop dying. At times like this, you go to the computer to download the ROM version that you calculated flash, then connect your phone to the computer with a cable, go to TWRP to activate USB Storage mode to copy the ROM file to the phone. then flash as usual. 

In addition to the error due to transmission when the download can also be faulty because the ROM has not been well developed. Then simply switch to another ROM. 

How to connect the phone to the computer using custom recovery when sticking the boot loop and cannot access Android

  1. Make sure TWRP is up and running, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable
  2. Go to TWRP, select Mount> click Enable MTP button
  3. On the computer the drive represents the phone that will appear, copy the new ROM file
  4. Eject the drive on the computer, unplug the USB cable, and then flash the ROM again as usual
Loading Lam_the_nao_go_brick_Android_flash_ROM_1.jpg ...

C. Losing all partitions, unable to flash any ROM, can’t copy new ROM files

This is the heaviest soft brick error I’ve ever encountered. When the TWRP is still running, you cannot flash any ROM. You try to wipe data, there is no way to make the computer run up, but after the wipe, the partition is gone, no longer accessible as normal, ie the ROM * .zip file is also gone, and the mode MTP is not running, so the file cannot be copied by the computer. 

The tool you need to use in this situation is a USB OTG. This USB OTG will be used to store the ROM file that you downloaded on your computer. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to TWRP> Wipe> Advanced> Format Data. You will need to enter “yes” to continue
  2. Still in TWRP, attach USB OTG to the phone
  3. Go to Install> select ZIP> Select Storage file> select USB drive> select file
  4. During flash, TRWP and ROM will repartition the partitions in the normal way
  5. After the flash is finished, restart the phone, hopefully you will be saved
Loading Lam_the_nao_go_brick_Android_flash_ROM_3.jpg ...

D. Restore again from the

Hope Nandroid backup before rooting you back up your ROM, then only the restore will return to normal. This is also the reason why I always recommend you to backup the ROM before flashing a new ROM. More details about how I think you already know because when you backup, of course you know how to restore. If you do not know how, please see below. Details can go to the topic How to backup the device in the TWRP custom recovery to discuss with other brothers.

Backing up in TWRP is the backup at the lowest level of the system that we can reach, so it’s very powerful. You can not only backup movie files, images, music but also backup all your personal data, installed apps and data, their settings … Even, TWRP also allows backup also the system partitions, to miss when the machine has problems just restore it will become the same as when you backup. Very safe. Full backup files can be copied out to the computer.

Loading Lam_the_nao_go_brick_Android_flash_ROM_4.jpg ...

To backup, go to TWRP, then go to Backup> select the partitions you want to back up> Scan your finger to start backup. Be aware of how much free space is available to select the appropriate partition because a backup file can sometimes be up to 4-5GB or even 10GB. The important partition you need to notice is System, System Image, Data. To restore from the backup, you also go to TWRP, select Restore> select the backup file> press Ok to begin the process.

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