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See two YouTube subtitles at once on Chrome


YouTube has subtitle support whilst watching films or mechanically translating into any language on demand. however, every so often you also need to observe both subtitles on the same time to growth your foreign language capability. A Chrome extension allows clear up this hassle

Dualsub is an extension on Chrome and Firefox that lets in YouTube film subtitles to show in exceptional languages at the same time. users also can alter the scale and position of the subtitles, so it will no longer have an effect on the video viewing revel in on YouTube.

Download and install Dualsub for Firefox and Chrome

get right of entry to the YouTube video you need to translate subtitles for. you will see two menu bars drop down. the primary menu bar – you’ll select the subtitle language of the film being performed
second Menu Bar – will let you select the second one subtitle language to show at the equal time. you can additionally adjust to display best one subtitle.

activate the caption translation feature in YouTube movies, here is the end result

You can personalize the location among the 2 languages via clicking at the blue icon with the word DS. Please trade the position of the two languages in the Subtitle Position.

This is a beneficial feature for those of you who like looking YouTube and exchanging languages via subtitles.

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