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Mute photography on iPhone is very simple


Take Photos on iPhone by Recording Video with No Sound

With this silent head for iPhone photography, you can record videos and take photos without leaving any noise.
You just need to open the camera app available on your phone => select record video => click the button to start recording. At this point a circle button appears in the lower left corner, click it to take a photo at the moment you want

Mute your iPhone camera with Live Photo

Step 1: Go to Settings => Select Camera => Save Settings.

Step 2: Next, click on the green Live Photo button => Go to Camera, select the Live Photo icon in the middle.

Turn down iPhone camera mute volume

Turning down your phone’s volume is also a way to mute the sound while taking pictures on your iPhone.
Press and hold the button until the volume drops to the lowest level.

However, you have to do this before taking the picture, otherwise the device will be in burst mode while the button is held down.

Mute iPhone using Control Center

This is one of the ways you can mute the sound while taking pictures on your iPhone by sliding the volume bar down to maximum.

For iPhone X series and later, drag down from the bottom right corner of the screen to open Control Center.

For iPhone 8 and below, you can swipe up from the bottom.
Mute iPhone using Control Center

Use headphones when taking pictures

Before taking a photo, use wired headphones or connect your AirPods to your iPhone device to make sure only you can hear the shutter sound without any noise.

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