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More than 60 Adobe Audition shortcuts


Adobe Audition is a professional audio editing software from Adobe Systems. It supports high quality audio recording, audio file processing such as cutting, adding sound clips, removing effects, etc. and supports a variety of audio formats.

For quick operation, this software is no more useful than shortcuts. Here is a list of useful shortcuts that Adobe Audition users need to remember. To find the complete shortcut list, select Edit> Keyboard Shortcuts.

Shortcuts for zooming and playing sounds 

Function Windows shortcut MacOS shortcut 
Switch between Wave form and Multitrack Editor88
Play and stop the sound Spacebar Spacebar
Move the current time bar to the top of the timeline Home Home
Switch the current time bar only to the end of the timelineEndEnd
Switch the current time bar to the previously selected marker, clip or edge Ctrl+Command+
Switch the current time bar to the next marker, clip or edge Ctrl+Command+
Convert options for Return CTI To Start Position On StopShift+XShift+X
Zoom in horizontally ==
Zoom in verticallyAlt+=Option+=
Zoom out horizontally--
Zoom out verticallyAlt+-Option+-
Add markerM or * M or * 
Move to the previous marker Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+Option+
Move to the next markerCtrl+Alt+Cmd+Option+

Shortcuts for editing audio files

The following shortcuts apply only in Waveform Editor.

FunctionWindows shortcutMacOS shortcut
Repeat the previous command (open its dialog box and click OK)Shift+RShift+R
Repeat the previous command (open its dialog but do not click OK)Ctrl+RCtrl+R
Open the Convert Sample Type dialog boxShift+TShift+T
Get noise reduction configuration for Noise Reduction effectShift+PShift+P
Activate the left channel of the stereo file for editing
Activate the right channel of the stereo file to edit
Making audio spectrum displays multiple logarithms or linearity CtrlAlt+orOption+Command+or
Make audio spectrum logarithmic or full linear displayCtrlAlt+Page UporPage DownOption+Command+Page UporPage Down
Increase or decrease the spectrum resolutionShiftCtrl+orShiftCtrl+or

Shortcuts for multitrack mixing sessions

FunctionWindows shortcutMacOS shortcut
Select the same input or output for all audio tracksCtrlshift-select optionCommand+Shift-select option
Activate or deactivate the Mute, Solo, Arm For Record or Monitor Input for all audio tracksCtrlshift-click the optionCommand+Shift-click the option
Adjust buttons in bulkShift– Pulling operationShift– Pulling operation
Adjust the button in small quantitiesCtrl– Pulling operationCommand– Pulling operation
Translate the selected clip to the left Alt+,Option+,
Translate the selected clip to the right Alt+.Alt+.
Move selected clips aboveAlt+Option+
Move the selected clip downAlt+Option+
Hold position keyframe time or parameter valueShift– Pulling operationShift– Pulling operation
Reposition the envelope without creating a key frameCtrl– Pulling operationCommand– Pulling operation
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