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iPhone reported connecting to a Wi-Fi network without passwords but without Internet access


If you’ve ever used free Wi-Fi at airports, good stores, or on the plane, you know about the unique login mechanism of this type of Wi-Fi: every time you log in, these sites will automatically automatically displays the login screen as a web page. Instead of having to type in an authentication password or an account like “regular” Wi-Fi, you’ll have to enter your personal information (name, email or phone number), accept the user control and then press the “Login” button.

On some iPhone models, the login window will never be displayed. This is not really an error, but we need to customize the login process of the iPhone.

Wi-Fi still shows the tick tick but the Wi-Fi icon on the screen does not appear. If you try to access certain websites, you will receive a notice that there is no Internet connection.

  • Click the letter (i) icon to the right of the network name. You will be taken to the network details screen.
  • On this screen, uncheck the Auto-Login button. Go back outside, turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back on.
  • Connect to a free Wi-Fi network and you will see the network is connecting normally
Uncheck Auto-Login, turn outside, turn off Wi-Fi, and then turn it back on.
  • It may not be on the Internet (only accessible on Wi-Fi, still blocked). Open the Safari browser and go to a site that does NOT have HTTPS
  • The browser will automatically take you to the connection page, which is the normal page that will display if your iPhone has no problem. You only need to enter personal information, press the Connect button as usual to access the network
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