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iPhone battery reset: turn old iPhone battery into “new”, it can’t be checked


device “butt” iPhone battery from old to “new”, reset cycle battery, change the battery health status, change the manufacturer, battery release time, … In other words, people have I can buy the old iPhone battery, close the information on the chip on the battery and sell it as a newly produced battery … Now I know that there is no way to detect it.

In tablets iPhone batteries all have a small microchip containing a memory chip, which stores the necessary information of the battery. At the same time it will save the usage history of that battery, and use the algorithm to temporarily assess the battery status according to the percentage calculated as shown on the iPhone. This machine appears in the Chinese market and it has the following main functions:

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  • Change the number of charging times as desired
  • Change the battery health status as desired
  • Change the Serial number of the battery, you can copy the serial number from the damaged battery into a new battery instead to avoid detection by the test software.
  • Change the production date of the battery
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What is special is that after completing the information exchange, it is impossible to use any software to check the original information of the battery, even the machine itself cannot check it. 

This device will be helpful for stores that intend to sell dishonestly, deceive the original sense if the buyer intends to check the status of the battery to evaluate the phone. 

Here are a few steps to complete the process of changing the battery information with the machine with the code name Model JC-B1. 

Things to prepare:

  • Windows computer with pre-installed applications JC-B1 Battery Repair Tester (You can type this name on the web search bar to find and download for free)
  • Open the JC-B1 Repair app and register an account (free) by Mail.
  • Machine changes information JC-B1
  • Lightning cable to connect to the computer

Trial This is a long-running iPhone 7 plus. 86% battery health alarm Remove the old used iPhone 7 PLus to get the batteryInformation on the battery, including the production date Step 1: Connect the battery to the correct socket pin on the device, press tightly or can hold Because the process is very fast, when the green light is on the device, the information displayed on the screen is connected successfully. Step 2: Use the Lightning Cable to connect to the computer and open the JC-B1 Repair application. The device lights up, indicating the battery’s original condition. The battery I tried has charged 790 cycles, 87% health.

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iPhone battery reset
iPhone battery reset: turn old iPhone battery into “new”, it can’t be checked
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Step 3: on the application interface, click Open Port and wait for the information to be downloaded, the first time may be a bit long. After the above shows the Serial number / information in the Device name and the Read-Writing function button shows the green as the successful connection. 

Step 4: Click Reading and wait, the battery information will appear. Now you can manipulate all important information of the battery. I reset from 790 charging cycles to remaining 69 cycles, change the health status to 100%, the production year is 2018. After finishing, press the Writing button and wait only a few seconds, when the machine beeps beep ie changed the successor. Battery status is reported on the device after overwriting. like New!

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It is possible to disconnect, attach the battery to the phone and check it right on the phone or 3uTools software. So, the process of exchanging battery information has been completed. 

You can see the world of phone components, especially the iPhone is very black and white. Although it takes a lot of time to learn and learn the experience of machine testing, it can still be fooled very sophisticatedly like this. If you have bought an old phone or an unknown source, you can only use it, and monitor the actual battery life of the device to evaluate it, and you cannot believe completely in the battery health condition. If the phone is on, temporarily forget it.

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