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iOS 13 has security holes that allow it to retrieve user contacts


iOS 13 has a security bug that allows hackers to get their users’ contacts without unlocking biometrics. Hackers can gain access by creating a FaceTime call to the goal iPhone, then using the message respond function and activating VoiceOver. through voice aid with Siri, hackers gain get right of entry to to all facts in their contacts with out going through any authentication steps.

IOS updates frequently deliver flaws and iOS 13 is no exception, but this error has been warned by using protection researchers before, but Apple has not patched however left on the iOS version. Newly released for all customers.

The bug was revealed by cybersecurity expert Jose Rodriguez, who warned Apple tech giant that he had observed a way to bypass passwords, touch identification or FaceID and get right of entry to contacts in July.

In a video posted on YouTube, he said that when someone receives an incoming name, they are able to navigate thru the messaging machine to trick the smartphone into automatically suggesting contacts stored inside the device.

to start with, he worked with Apple to repair the error, but subsequently determined to submit it for worry that Apple will now not restore the mistake before the software replace is released, finally, this became true. .

After coming across the flaw throughout beta trying out of iOS thirteen, Rodriguez hopes to get hold of Apple safety Bounty, a reward for non-organization professionals who discover bugs in Apple’s software.

Rodriguez published a video on YouTube showing how to pass iPhone’s “defense”. The method begins whilst someone calls you on FaceTime and rather than answering the decision, he clicks the choice to message the man or woman.

Then, when the new message pops up, he chooses the option to add the second recipient to the message. When he types at the beginning of a contact’s name, it automatically suggests words from the address book.

This way, people can access anyone’s most recently used contacts and contacts on the iPhone they hold.

iOS 13 was first introduced by Apple at the WWDC event in June. According to Apple, with iOS 13, the speed of unlocking the screen with Face ID will be 30% faster, and the speed of opening applications is also faster 2 times

Apple has said that this bug will be fixed in the iOS 13.1 update released on September 24.

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