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Instructions for upgrading RAM for Mac


If your Mac indicates signs of slowness, upgrading RAM is a terrific answer. despite the fact that replacing the vintage hard pressure with a modern-day SSD is the most powerful hardware development, but upgrading the RAM on the Mac helps you run multiple programs at the equal time.

A way to improve RAM will range depending on your version. this newsletter will display you a way to upgrade RAM at the Mac, which models to upgrade and how to shop for RAM

Macs can upgrade RAM

sadly, maximum modern Macs do now not allow customers to improve RAM.

latest MacBook seasoned and MacBook Air models produce RAM attached to the motherboard. Technically, customers can improve the RAM of some more moderen iMacs but the work isn’t easy. You must not perform RAM upgrades on these machines unless you have got experience with old electronics and machines.

underneath is a list of Mac models users can upgrade RAM:

  • iMac (All except the following 21.5 inch models: Late 2012, Late 2013, Mid 2014, Late 2015, Retina 4K Late 2015, 2017, Retina 4K 2017 and Retina 4K 2019)
  • Pro Mac (All models)
  • Mac Mini (model 2010-2012)
  • MacBook (model 2008-2011)
  • MacBook Pro 13 ″ (2009-2012)
  • MacBook Pro 15 ″ (2008-2012)
  • MacBook Pro 17 ″ (All models)

In case you personal one of the following Mac fashions, you can’t upgrade RAM (in a few instances, together with Mac Mini 2018, it can be upgraded but quite hard)

  • iMac Pro (All models)
  • Mac Mini (2014, 2018)
  • MacBook Air (All models)
  • 12 ″ MacBook (All models)
  • Retina MacBook Pro with Retina display (All models)
  • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (All models)

How to find the Mac model

Many Macs have the identical look, so that you want to check the version of the device efficiently earlier than shopping for RAM.

The model search on macOS is very simple. Click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select About this Mac. On the Overview tab, you will see the Mac name at the top, such as the MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016). Here you also see information about the amount of memory installed.

To avoid confusion, you should also get the device identification code. To do so, click the System Report button, then in the Hardware Overview section, find the Model Identifier, such as the MacBook7, 1.

How to buy the right RAM for a Mac

because there are numerous RAM models, this newsletter can not offer correct details of RAM for every version. but, you may find a ramification of web sites that assist find the right RAM to your model.

The first internet site you ought to go to is the Mac international web page of different international Computing. right here you can pick your Mac model to locate like minded RAM. you’ll see the Mac kinds along side the corresponding RAM. similarly, it also has movies that show a way to improve RAM.


Another website you would possibly recall is essential’s Mac memory middle. right here, you can enter the laptop information (located above) or down load the test device to test. you may see effects showing SSDs and RAM can work to your Mac.


Ensure RAM compatibility

When buying RAM, compatibility with your system is very important. Not all types of RAM can work on every Mac computer, so it’s important to make sure you buy the right component. Otherwise, your computer will not work.

This is why you should buy from a specialized RAM upgrade store for Mac. You should avoid cheap RAM with little or poor reviews.

Finally, you need to buy the right amount of RAM for your system. See OWC’s MaxRAM page above to find out how much RAM your particular computer has. In many cases, this capacity may exceed the maximum limit provided by Apple.

This page also provides the number of memory slots for your computer. Most MacBook models have two memory slots. To take advantage of dual channel memory, you should buy two RAM sticks with the total capacity you want. For example, if you want to upgrade to 8GB of RAM, you should buy two 4GB sticks.

The amount of RAM you need to buy depends on your needs. 8GB is a moderate amount if you don’t need to perform heavy tasks. If you perform multiple tasks and your computer supports it, upgrade to 16GB

How to upgrade RAM on a Mac

While executing be careful with electrostatic discharge, may damage computer components. Ensure grounding on a metal object before starting the process and performing on a surface with no static electricity. You should not pull your feet on the carpet while performing the upgrade.

When processing RAM, make sure you take it on either side so you don’t touch any sensitive parts. Avoid handling RAM with gold-connected pins.

Remove the MacBook

First, flip off the computer if not. next, unplug the Mac from the electricity source, put off all connected add-ons. flip the MacBook upside down and you will see some screws, eliminate them with a widespread Phillips screwdriver.

When removing it, you should place the screw in a place as carefully as in a paper or lid engraving to avoid falling because they are quite small.

Remove old RAM

When removing the cover, you’ll see the RAM right away because the MacBook doesn’t have a lot of removable parts. In the image above, RAM is a green component on the Samsung drive.

With this MacBook, you’ll see there are two small clips on either side of the RAM to keep it in place. You need to gently push these things out of the RAM and flip up to pull it out.

Repeat the above process for the second RAM, then set this old RAM aside.

Install new RAM

Get the brand new RAM, set up notch inside the right connector pins with notch inside the RAM compartment. It simplest is going one manner, so it’s now not tough in an effort to put in area.

After lining up the notch at about 30 degrees and lightly pressing down on RAM, you will feel it in the right place. Repeat the above process for the second bar and you’re done.

After the new RAM is safely in place, you need to reinstall the cover. However, while the computer is disassembled, you should spend a minute to clean any visible dirt with a cotton swab or bottled gas to remove dirt especially in the fan.

Then, put the lid in place and screw the screw again

Confirm Mac to receive RAM

Start the computer to make sure it receives the correct RAM. In the About This Mac window, you’ll see the amount of new RAM next to Memory. To see more information, you can open the System Report and click on the Memory tab.

So you have completed the process of upgrading RAM on a Mac.

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