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Install Google apps and services into the Huawei Mate 30 Series


The Mate 30 series does now not include Google apps and services pre-hooked up, which makes many human beings wonder if we can installation it on their own after buying the device, due to the fact after all, the Mate 30 series has a number of marvelous point


The Google carrier Assistant (谷 歌 服务 助手 in chinese language) is a device created to install the Google Play keep for smartphones sold in China to this point, that have long been without packages and translation. Google service. despite the fact that the name sounds very “felony”, however that is the software of some other birthday celebration, now not from Google itself and has nothing to do with Google.

It works by updating the remaining “backbone” apps in Mate 30, for key Google components like GMS Core (a low-end but extremely powerful and special privileged app) with the latest version.

This application can be downloaded through Izplay.net. Its starting place is pretty mysterious, there are no clues inside the source code of the web page or on the WHOIS listing (area proprietor records lookup list), as well as in the software file itself. consequently, that is one of the doubtlessly dangerous apps, but if you want Google Apps on Mate 30, that is inevitable.


The first is to download the installation tool into your computer. Open the Izplay.internet hyperlink using Mate 30’s default browser and click on the down load button. you will then need to click on through a few reminders because you’re downloading an software from out of doors the Huawei-accredited app keep. you furthermore may want to present it get right of entry to to the device’s internal reminiscence whilst it boots up

next step, the instructions are in chinese language, but the system is quite simple. Apps need tool admin rights to update leftover applications with fully useful Google apps and services. And to do this, it wishes your permission. click on on the green button. you’ll see exactly what the software could be capable of do along with your device. If you accept, press “Active”

anticipate the app to download Google mobile services, then eventually Google Play shop. when carried out, the button at the bottom of the screen will turn green and you can press that button to continue.

Everything is almost done. Google Play Protect and other services will work in the background and when everything is stable, you will be able to log in and use the Play Store to download all other Google apps – things like Chrome, Google Maps and Gmail. You should reboot before using.

  • The Google Service Assistant application is no longer available and you can delete it
  • Go to Settings> Security> More Settings> Device Administrators and remove its administrator rights.
  • After that, you can simply uninstall it as usual
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