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Install and use PowerToys on Windows 10


Microsoft delivered PowerToys in home windows 95 but stopped using it. what’s PowerToys? PowerToys is a place for builders to test and paintings with new application gear including adjusting the windows user interface, changing the decision, home windows XP marks the disintegrate of PowerToys but it is returned to home windows 10

How to download and install PowerToys

You could down load the primary released version of PowerToys with the aid of following the hyperlink. notice that the document is now signed by way of Janea structures on behalf of Microsoft and is safe to use

While you release PowerToys, you may see equipment listed at the left sidebar: FancyZones and Shortcut guide. The 1/3 option is General Settings


This tool creates custom areas at the computer to open and locate exclusive open windows.

  • Open PowerToys and click on Edit zones in FancyZones

A brand new window will open with a few preconfigured zones. You click on at the plus or minus sign icon to change the range of regions.

You can also access Focus mode so that each window is stacked on top of each other. There are two additional settings to control margins around the areas created at the bottom. Click Apply when done. If you don’t see the Apply button, press Alt + Space + X to maximize the window.

That is how split computing device utility. while you press the Shift key, drag and preserve a window (any software window or folder) to place it in a selected place. it will resize robotically.

That is very beneficial while running with a couple of packages and windows at the identical time. FancyZones device is quite beneficial for traders who use multiple open windows

Click the Custom tab to create a custom area. Just resize it from the edge and continue creating new areas until the main screen is filled

Install the Shortcut guide

Shortcut manual will give you a hard and fast of shortcuts. it’s miles used to interact with windows desktop and operating system. just press and keep the home windows key for a few seconds to set off the popup

It provides three different types of shortcuts:

  • Shortcuts change the position of active windows
  • Popular Windows keyboard shortcuts
  • Taskbar shortcut

All of these shortcuts work when combined with the Windows key

For example, to open File Explorer, you'll press Win + E instead of just pressing E, all of which can work with any open window.

You can control the time it takes to launch the keyboard overlay after pressing and holding the Windows key. Both values are in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds).

Because the project code is currently open source, developers from around the world can participate and develop utility tools for PowerToys.
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