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How to restart Apple Watch when it hangs or software cannot be installed


Situations that make us try to restart the Apple Watch :

  • Hang the apple due to wrong operation during software update
  • A lot of lag after a long time of use
  • Do not install new software from iPhone

When you have the above situations, try restarting the Apple Watch in the following 2 ways:

Method 1: Turn off restart ( Restart Apple Watch )

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  • Press and hold down the Side button until the start screen appears again
  • Slide the Power Off bar (Power Off) to turn off Apple Watch
  • After Apple Watch has turned off, press and hold the button next to the hip again until the apple logo appears. Apple Watch will be restarted after these operations
  • Note: This process cannot be performed if the Apple Watch is being placed on the charging dock.

Method 2: Forced start ( Force restart Apple Watch )

Apple recommends that users only apply this method as a last resort when Apple Watch hangs an apple or doesn’t have any feedback. Do the following:

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  • Press and hold silent while two Digital Crown buttons and Side button at least 10 seconds.
  • After seeing Apple Watch appear apple logo, release both buttons at the same time. Apple Watch will restart.
  • Note: Do not conduct Force restart if Apple Watch is in the process of updating the software.

Do not hang / lag while copying photos and music from iPhone to Apple Watch:

  • Split the number of pictures that you want to copy into Apple Watch, do not copy too much then Apple Watch will easily hang.
  • Copy specific music playlist one by one.
  • When suspended, stop the copying process and restart Apple Watch as instructed above.

In order not to hang apples during the software update process, you should note the following:

  • The Apple Watch battery is over 50% and it is being placed on the charging dock with the charger (Be careful not to touch it to drop it from the charging dock, the Apple Watch will easily hang or restart, very time consuming).
  • iPhone needs to be near Apple Watch during the download and installation process (You pay attention while charging don’t hold the iPhone around and lose connection with Apple Watch, this is very easy to cause installation error later) .

Basically, the Apple Watch works very stable and rarely hangs / lag / slow. However, when you do, you should try to restart each step as before applying other measures.

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