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How to move Android apps and application data to SD card


You can easily move Android apps and app data to SD card. There are no great apps on Google Play, but there is definitely a limit on the amount of data your smartphone can store. Your phone’s internal memory is limited in the amount of memory used for applications and application data. That’s why it is quite annoying to take up hardware resources if you want to install a completely new application. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the phone’s internal memory; But you can definitely buy an SD card and transfer all your applications to the memory card to save the device’s internal memory.

Before you buy a high-capacity SD card for your phone hoping to transfer apps and other data to your phone, make sure your phone supports that SD card. For example, most modern smartphones support SD cards of up to 128 GB, but there are a number of phones, especially those manufactured a few years ago, that only support memory cards up to 32 GB or even less. If you have a relatively old phone, there is no problem buying a high capacity memory card. However, 32 GB is usually enough to transfer applications to most users.

How to move Android apps and application data to SD card

Move Android app and app data to SD card

From the beginning, let me tell you that not  all  apps can be transferred to SD cards. Moreover, having a phone will not allow you to move your app from the beginning! So, if you have installed new applications for your phone with 4-8GB internal memory, you will still encounter problems even if you receive the memory card. Also, if you remove the SD card from your device, you cannot use your apps because you have transferred the application to an SD memory card.

To transfer the application to an SD card, all you need to do is go to  Settings  and open the Applications menu

In it, select an application and click  Memory . If the selected application allows transfer to SD card, you will see the option  “Switch to SD card” .

When you click on it, the application transfer and data related to the SD card will begin. The transfer process will be completed depending on the size of the application in question; if it’s a big application, it will take a while to switch, but if it’s a small app, the transfer will complete in a few seconds. Make sure you do not remove the SD card at any time while the move is still in progress.

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