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How to change the application language on iOS, iPadOS


iOS 13 Apple has turned iPhone and iPad into multilingual devices. Now you can change the language of an person software with out changing the primary system language. every application can set its personal language.

How to change the language of each application on iPhone, iPad

You need to ensure your iPhone or iPad has a couple of languages installed. To do that

  • go to Settings> General> Language & Region. Tap Other Languages and add the language you want to use

right here, you may additionally set the system language for iPhone or iPad. but you don’t have to transfer new languages, just add it to the listing.

Next, go to the Settings main screen, scroll down until you notice the list of established apps alphabetically. Touch the app you want to change language settings.

You will see the Language option in Preferred Language. faucet on it and pick out the language you want to use for that utility.

Not all applications offer multiple languages. If the software does now not have additional languages, you’ll not see the Language choice in its settings display screen.

in case you do not see the Language choice on the settings display of all apps, t means you don’t have multiple languages installed on your device.

  • Go to Settings> General> Language & Region and make sure to install more than one language. Otherwise, the Language option does not appear.
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