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Home Assistant Lesson 5 – Installing Hass’s basic information


Setup Hass’s basic information in the Configuration.yaml file. These are the basic parameters that Hass can rely on to adapt to your own system.

By default Hass will automatically locate you based on IP. Hass will automatically set up for you things like temperature unit, time zone … However, I think you should set it yourself correctly.

Open up Configuration.yaml and see the class   at the top of the file. Below  this layer  , there is a lot of information for you to set up.homeassistant:homeassistant:

  latitude: 32.87336
  longitude: 117.22743
  elevation: 430
  unit_system: metric
  time_zone: Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh
  name: Home
    - /tmp

The meaning of the above parameters is as follows:

  • Section latitude: is the latitude of your home. HASS uses this information to calculate the sunrise and sunset times that will be shown in the sensor.sun (the default is available in Hass, that sun-shaped
  • Similarly, longitude: is the longitude of your home. These parameters are easy to find on google maps then locate your home is okay, now most phones have GPS but not you.
  • elevation: is the altitude above sea level
  • unit_system: is the unit system used. We are in Vietnam using the metric
  • time_zone: you can see more area codes here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones
  • name: is the name of your home, this information will appear in this position

–   whitelist_external_dirs: is a list of folders granted by HASS to access

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