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Home Assistant Lesson 17 – Projecting the camera to your TV


Along with the Home Assistant to upgrade to 0.90 version, you can now cast your camera on TV whenever you need it, no need to buy a genuine camera to do it, and save money to buy good, medium orange. Save money on buying external monitors. You only need to have 1 smart device to be able to cast images (Google Chrome cast, Google Hub, Echo Show …). How to do the following:

First of all, you still have to update the Home Assistant to the latest version 0.90 at the present time.

sudo hassbian-config upgrade homeassistant

Then in the configuration.yaml file add a generic camera and stream . (Please note the indentation is correct as shown in the image below)



– platform: generic
still_image_url: “http://user:password@IP_CAMERA/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi”
stream_source: “rtsp://user:password@IP_CAMERA:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1”

Check Config then Restart Home Assistant, go to dev-state section to see a new entity is camera.generic.

Then in the Home Assistant interface, add an Entity – Button as follows

type: entity-button
name: Camera len Chrome Cast
action: more-info
entity: camera.generic_camera
action: service.play_stream
entity_id: camera.generic_camera
media_player: media_player.living_room_tv

With Living_room_tv is the name of Chromecast in HA. The newly created button features a click that will stream the camera onto Chromecast. Of course, this feature can be assigned to any type of buttons in Lovelace (entities, Glance …).

P / S: Basically, any camera can be cast. You can visit Ispy Camera Database page to find the stream for your camera line. The camera will need both JPEG and another type or VLC or FFMPEG in the list. Clicking on your camera model will appear on the board to configure the creation of the url. JPEG type to enter  still_image_url,  VLC or  FFMPEG to enter  stream_source.

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