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Highlights on the S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 10


The S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + is much smarter and helps us interact with it more during everyday use. Just charge the S Pen once and use up to 10 hours.

Turn handwriting into text

When you write handwriting with a S Pen in a long piece of text, you can also convert the text to a text format, change the font color, text size, etc. so that you can export the PDF file as well as Word to work directly on the 6-axis internal sensor and Machine Learning.

Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery life
Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery life

You can use the S Pen to write directly to Microsoft applications like Outlook and Word.

Galaxy Note aims to write and write more, through which you can take advantage of that in text editing work, but sometimes just a Galaxy Note10 is enough without taking your computer to work.

Motion Controls

Previously you could only use the S Pen to activate shooting, and with the S Pen of the Galaxy Note10, you moved menu items in the camera section called Motion Controls. This will be useful for users who are Live Stream as well as vlogger.

Motion Controls are also available for third-party applications such as Youtube, it is simpler to play / pause or forward videos. Of course, in the future the S Pen will also be used with external camera applications or as a presenter tool for presentation.

AR Doodles

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + allow you to use the camera to create AR (Augmented Reality), so you can use the S Pen itself to draw and create fun shapes. When moving the camera section you will see the entire 3D AR section, called AR Doodles.

believe if we paintings in the creative discipline, taking a more in-depth take a look at the sketches is likewise pretty astonishing. Or that is additionally a pretty beneficial educational device for youngsters.

With these new features, users will need to go to the S Pen when using the Galaxy Note10 / Note10 +
The S Pen is one of the new and important experiences for users, not just writing and drawing like before.

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