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Guide to turn on Dark Mode on Android Q beta 2


Android Q beta 2 supports interface dark background ( dark mode ) but they still hide away, the same thing with the web browser Chrome platform Android . In this article I said briefly about the dark interface above Q beta 2 as well as Chrome browser from v.74 and above, as well as instructions on how to activate. Dark Mode on Android Q beta is still quite sketchy and not uniform, even many of the device’s default apps do not have the option to switch the background to dark.


There are many instructions to turn on the dark background on Q beta 2, for example, turning on battery saving mode will also turn the background dark, but then some features of the device will be limited. , for example when there is a new notification. My way of instructions will ask you to connect to the computer and type the command via ADB (Android Debug Bridge), but it is simple, paste this command to finish.

Guide to turn on Dark Mode on Android Q beta 2
  • Requires phone with USB Debugging enabled: instructions
  • Windows or macOS computers have installed adb: instructions
  • Connect your phone to the computer, choose File Transfer mode
  • From Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows), type this command from the adb directory:Code:adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 2
  • Restart the computer or type:Code:adb reboot
  • To exit dark and light background mode, type the command:Code:adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 1


I found the dark background on Q beta 2 not very consistent, not even with Samsung’s One UI , hopefully in the final version, Google will do better (in the next beta if there is a change I will inform you.) Most applications already have a dark background, but some apps are not yet available, such as a calendar or calculator (Calculator). In places where the background is dark, Google does well, looks good, the icons are made of high contrast color, partly because of the black background, so we see. The background color is not as black as Facebook Messenger, but Google makes it a little darker, easier to see and softens. 


Despite the dark background on the Android system, but the Gboard keyboard is still according to the interface you have set for the keyboard, if the keyboard theme is bright, it is still bright, you need to enter the keyboard settings to Correct the black background to match the Dark Mode interface.

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